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Renewal of Mauritius passport from Abu Dhabi - UAE

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Mellamine 02 Feb 2015

Hi, I am living in Abu Dhabi and would like to renew my passport. I dont know which form to use. is it the same as the Application form? Do i need to get a police clearance (section 5) what is NIC? I am planning to send my application to a relative in Mauritius because it is easier and seems faster. When I called the Immigration office in Mauritius they said I should write a cover letter to say my relative will submit my application and collect the new passport for me. Does this letter have to be formal i.e. certified?

Thanks for your help.

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gices 03 Feb 2015

Answers to your questions:

  • You should use form P.F 136A.

  • You don't need police clearance.

  • NIC is National Identity Card.

  • The letter does not have to be certified but has to be signed by you.