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Renew of Mauritian Passport from Dublin

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mnel36 05 Jan 2015

I would like to know how long does it takes to get your renewal passport.I am based in Dublin and i sent all the documents to Mauritius High Commission in London.If you could provide me some answers how long i should expect to get my new passport.
Thank you


Mellamine 01 Feb 2015

Hi, I am living in Abu Dhabi and would like to renew my passport. I dont know which form to use. is it the same as the Application form? Do i need to get a police clearance (section 5) what is NIC? I am planning to send my application to a relative in Mauritius because it is easier and seems faster. When I called the Immigration office in Mauritius they said I should write a cover letter to say my relative will submit my application and collect the new passport for me. Does this letter have to be formal i.e. certified?

Thanks for your help.

gices 06 Jan 2015

From what I've heard, doing it through the High Commission can take up to 3 months. However doing in in Mauritius itself takes less than a week.

Btw, I was talking to another Mauritian living in Dublin yesterday on our chat who is looking to renew his Mauritian passport as well. I'm just thinking maybe it would be nice for you 2 to get in touch. Are you interested?

mnel36 07 Jan 2015

Thank you Gices for your prompt reply.I called Mauritius High Commission in London last Monday and they said it takes up to 6 weeks.I already submitted them my application since a month now so hopefully i will get it soon.Thank you again for all the information.