How long does it take to have a new passport from Mauritius .

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Lucie 24 Feb 2015

Hi Thanks for the site
I have lost my passport in Australia late December 20154 sent all required papers to High Commission of Mauritius in Cambers since 4jan 2015
Any idea how long it takes I'm Mauritius to get it done , No indication on Passport office site for approx time
Tks for yr help

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gices 24 Feb 2015

From what I've heard, it takes around 3 months to get your passport when requested outside of Mauritius (through an embassy). I know someone who's waited 6 months though, that's why I always advise people to get the passport renewed by a family/friend in Mauritius. You just need to complete the application form and send a letter authorising that person to collect your passport on your behalf but I think that's a bit too late for you now.