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Problems renewing my passport from Italy where they've moved the Mauritian Embassy to Paris

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RoseOfUniverse gices
Shabbeer 21 Nov 2016

Hello,I'm a mauritian living in Italy since 9 yrs..i need to renew my passport and there's no mauritian embassy here..its been transferred to paris france..i contacted them by all means i could but there's no answer...i wanted to know if i can renew it in Mauritius if i send all my document through a friend..please help me as i risk to live as a clandestine if its not rewened in time thank you


gices 21 Nov 2016

This question has already been answered in the comments section of this article.

I quote:

Where there's no embassy, you will need to send a filled and signed application to a family member or friend residing in Mauritius. You must also post all relevant documents and photos along with your NIC. The person representing you can then go to the Passport Office to renew your passport on your behalf (remember there's a fee to pay). He will then collect the passport when it's ready and can send it back to you abroad.

When you submit an application to an embassy abroad, they send it by post to the head office in Mauritius with all the original paperwork. They only act as an intermediary.

RoseOfUniverse 21 Nov 2016

Well, I am not sure if you can give your papers to your friends unless she/he is a solicitor or something but why don't you try contacting the nearest embassy..not necessary France but from UK or Germany.