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Certificate of Morality / Character Mauritius

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gices 27 Aug 2011

Do you have to pay to get a Morality Certificate and how do you go about getting one?


gices 09 Nov 2012

The Morality Certificate has now been replaced by the Certificate of Character as from 10 October 2012 and you have to pay an application fee of Rs200 to get it. Below are the documents you'd need:

  • Original birth certificate accompanied by 2 photocopies
  • Identity Card
  • Marriage certificate if applicable

It takes up to 4 weeks from the date of application to get the certificate.

Note : Answers given before this one were correct at the time of publishing, that is, the Morality Certificate used to be FREE but the Character one isn't.

bak4gud 10 Nov 2012

the website doesn't tell all...
You need a proof of address on top of that + 2 photocopies for each document provided.

sailesh 02 May 2014

RS 200 total

gices 02 May 2014

Thanks, I've updated the price in my original answer.

bak4gud 08 Nov 2012

I was asked to pay Rs100 to apply for the morality certificate at Rose-Hill police station without being given a receipt. Few days later, I was at the PMO in Port Louis and I could see written on the wall that morality certificate is free of charge. I don't know what to believe anymore. Any ideas people?

gices 09 Nov 2012

As from 10 October 2012, it was no longer free. Please see the updated answer at the top.

jimmy 20 Sep 2011
of course its free,still for the moment i must say,you must go to the nearest police district headquaters where u reside and produce your documents;original + 2 copies,and certificates must be recent documents;format A 4
sphinx 29 Aug 2011
It's free! You just need to fill in a form and send it to the government I think.