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How to fill in the Local Government Service Commission LGSC Form 7A when applying for jobs in Mauritius?

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Sasuke_Uchiha 02 Dec 2019
  • Municipality/District Council/ Local government service: [what to write here? -my district or choose one of the 3?]

  • For CPE, SC and HSC where do I find my centre number?

  • For HSC, where do I find my Index Number?

Please help.


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gices 04 Dec 2019

You need to just write one of the three options

If you look at the list of vacancies on the Local Government Service Commission website, you will notice they have this info in the title of the vacancy itself


  • Civil Engineer - Local Government Service
  • Sewing Teacher (Part Time) - District Council of Black River
  • Driver (Heavy Mechanical Unit) (Roster) - Municipal City Council of Port-Louis

Your centre number for SC Certificate is located at the top right

See image below for reference:

SC Certificate

Have a look at your other certificates, the information should be there too (maybe in a different location perhaps).

Index Number for your Certificates

If you look at the image above, you'll see it says "Centre / Cand. No." and the text below it is in 2 parts "MU465/0169". I have a feeling the first part is the Centre Number (MU465) and the second part (0169) is the Index Number.

It looks like all job applications mention this index number but I'm not sure whether what I said above is 100% correct. So I suggest you give them a quick call on (230) 674-6712 or (230) 674-6513 to double confirm.

I wouldn't want to make false assertions as they clearly say the following on their application form:

Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the form may cause the applicant’s elimination from consideration.

So it is best to confirm with them what this is. I would be grateful if you could then update us here to help other people applying for jobs in Mauritius.

Sasuke_Uchiha 04 Dec 2019

Thanks. Yes what you are saying is right, I called MES.

sarah_7 02 Dec 2019

Contact MES. Usually the index number is on your certificate or time table. The centre number is the number of your school or institution

gices 03 Dec 2019

You beat me to it :p

sarah_7 03 Dec 2019

great minds think alike :P

Sasuke_Uchiha 04 Dec 2019

Thanks for replying but your answer doesnt help at all. I suppose you must a CPE certificate, SC and HSC certificate, you could have told me exactly where its written.