Is there any taxi service in Mauritius such as Uber?

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Looking for convenient taxi services around the island..

I heard of the website/app YUGO.. but I have never tried it... anyone used that service before..?

if so what you guys think about it..?

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gices Level 6

Uber does not operate in Mauritius yet unfortunately.

Never heard of YUGO before. So I checked their website and their Terms & Conditions page does not even load. That to me is a very poor start, especially when you're supposed to be paying through the app/site for the rides.

Services like these take a long time to be embraced by people because it's a whole new way of doing things. You first need a significant amount of users - drivers to sign up and customers to request rides. Without one or the other, there's not much use to the service.

You also need lots of reviews for people to trust in the system, for the taxi drivers to be on time, there are loads of things to take into consideration.

Best option, at this moment in time, is to use your local taxi driver - someone you/your family/friends know.

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sarah_7 Level 2

or call for 150 and ask for a taxi driver in your location

evanee Level 1

Not sure why you were not able to read the Terms & Conditions...It is accessible on both the website and the app.

gices Level 6

@evanee last time I checked it was not working, good to see it does now.

Seems to me you're affiliated with yugo, if yes, maybe you can provide more details to @lovena13 regarding the service.

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