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Who is the richest person in Mauritius?

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Zeroun sarah_7
gices 26 Jan 2012
The wealthiest people in the world are always listed in the Forbes magazine but what about Mauritius? Does anyone know who the richest person here is?

Whether it's a Mauritian or foreigner who has settled here, if you have a name, please share it with us.


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Sagitarius 22 May 2012
I swear it's not me. Usually the CIA- and I suppose Forbes don't list people whose wealth is of obscure or opaque origin. I think most of our very wealthy would be in trouble if their businesses were subjected to a severe auditing [by non-Mauritians, need I say]
gices 23 May 2012
I'll second that!
sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

I'll third that!

Mos_Eximius 22 Oct 2013

Mr. Shameem Mosafeer

  1. Mosafeer - Large shares in SEMDEX, swiss banks...etc.
  2. Espitalier Noel - ENL group
  3. Lagesse
  4. Curimjee
  5. Rawat ? - BAI
gices 22 Oct 2013

hmm, never heard of the name Mosafeer until now. Where did you get this information from?

kingdodo 04 Oct 2014

It's generally accepted that there are five richest families who hold the mauritian economy, namely

Espitalier Noel

However, others have undoubtedly climbed the hierarchy in the last 15-20 years. Gujadhur, Ramdanee, Rawat or even Jugnauth. As for the wealthiest person, I guess it must be Thierry Lagesse.

sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

if the person has preference shares which are generally negociated outside the public stock market and use a company or trust, people won't know who

Khush_Mendossa 28 Jan 2012
Mauritians=surely jugnauth family
aquarian 27 Jan 2012
Would it the Prime Minister of Mauritius itself? He must be very rich owing all the beautiful resorts in Mauritius............
anonymous_4 04 Sep 2012

there is someone else who is richer than he is, this person owns a black lamborghini gallordo which was bought new, my dad knows him personally, but i wont say who he is for his privacy!

anjalilonelysoul 17 Nov 2013

well well well...maybe even i know him,he has a big company dealing in selling cars,but he don't have 1 lamborghini...but 2 :)

aditya 02 Sep 2015

i want to see one of the car can you send the photo my email adresse

please send me...............

sarah_7 13 Oct 2019

There are three lamborghinis in Mauritius

ti54321 28 Nov 2019

Hello. If you are on instagram can you pls send me a msg @car_fanatics_mauritius

sarah_7 28 Nov 2019

we don't need instagram when we have cleverdodo

observer 05 Nov 2014

the richest family is the joomun family. they have business around the world like, singapore,dubai,south africa los angeles. and i had been saying this because it was kept highly secret. they are involve also in many illegal activities.

gices 05 Nov 2014

Hmm, illegal activities seem to be on the rise these days ;)

Madeleine_Stella 28 Jan 2012
I don't think this information will be revealed because there are too many thieves in Mauritius waiting for opportunities like this.

However I think that the richest people here are foreigners (could be south africans) who own large estates on our island including big businesses and 5 star hotels.
preetam 10 May 2016

Mosafeer - Large shares in SEMDEX, swiss banks...etc.
Espitalier Noel - ENL group

BadFundodo 07 Jan 2016

Nandini of course...Living the Dolce Vita in Italy...Thanks to sugar daddy Chandra. Well women, if you WANT sucksex. She's the right role model. ;)

vishalbheekharry 24 Feb 2015

ena fermer la dans...LOL

AdamScawold 10 May 2016


dhanakshi-devijankee 14 Feb 2015

Ramgoolam :)

hahllek 23 Dec 2014

I know; it's the ex prime minister.

anupersand 29 May 2014

Please how can Someone buy a car on dutyfree.what is the %

gices 29 May 2014

If you have a question of your own, please ask here. This has nothing to do with what we're currently discussing.

Anusameer 21 May 2014

Don't have the name but it may be the person who lastly won the Jackpot Loto

Ashdarkstar 19 Apr 2014

Well, no doubt the mighty Lagesse.
Actually they control Mauritius, meaning our PM is restrained by Lagesse.

tishna 24 Mar 2014

its depend anyone could be the richest person

eloise 10 Mar 2014

The Prime Minister

anonymus13 01 Dec 2013

the montocchio family I guess

gices 02 Dec 2013

Who are they? Any background info to justify your answer?

radhika 18 Nov 2013

our prime minister surely..

Zeroun 24 Oct 2013

Well, very naughty post..

Hope not started by Mauritius Revenue Authority...


gices 24 Oct 2013

It's just for public put a title to a name I suppose. You haven't suggested anyone yet, please do.

Zeroun 25 Oct 2013

Hmm.. Publicly available info will be publicly available to MRA, No tax audit required.. ;-)

Joked apart, I know NOT much.. but I guess the guys from BAI are the richest as they are Business Tycoons.

May be wrong but I am sure it hurts no one..

Cheers and Bon Week-end!

Aamir_Panchoo 14 Sep 2013

family dale and Lagesse

Ax1 01 Sep 2012

no,your all wrong,except for the ones who cited Lagesse.There are 5 main(richest) families in Mauritius.Its the Harel,Lagesse,Rogers,Gadjadhur,and the last i forgot.but Rawat and so on aren't in just imagine the fortune of these 5 families.:)

gices 05 Sep 2012

Can you back up your claim by citing the source where you got that information from?

Ax1 06 Sep 2012

In fact, you can see this in the annual business magazine(it give all great businesses of mauritius,in order..from the most profitable and so on.and also its well known...for the lagesse its the Mon loisir group...and naturally they are all of them shareholders in all major companies of mauriitus.

Don 22 Mar 2014

Gujadhur family owns more than 20% of land in Mauritius

ryanpatel2005 05 Aug 2012

The richest Mauritian is Dawood Rawat and he lives in Bahamas and Mauritius. He is the majority shareholder for the British American Insurance and have shares in all the major group in Mauritius. 2nd is a Liz Quindron who lives in flic en flac and who made her fortune by stealing in the UK.

Sagitarius 06 Aug 2012

Correct spelling is Lise Coindreau. Her fortune is based on real estate. It started small [here in Mauritius, not in UK] and its rapid expansion is attributed to her remarkable business acumen.
She is the most successful businesswoman and probably the richest woman in Mauritius, but in general ranking she is far lower than 2nd.

gices 06 Aug 2012

That's interesting. Can you cite the source where you got that information from? Also I couldn't get any information on Liz Quindron when Googling her name.

Muzzammil 20 Apr 2014

And also he is the director of Appolo bramwell :)

anonymous_4 02 Jul 2012

Are you guys dumb? Lagesse is nothing compared to Currimjee and Jaulim!

gusgus 04 Sep 2012

Jaulim and Currimjee were rich in the past..maybe the richest at that time. but their fortune has come to a stand still. they still do have a lot of money but nowadays lagesse, maurel, espitalier noel, kalachand, rawat all sit at the top

anael24 05 Jun 2012

i think also that the lagesse family is the wealthiest in mauritius..

gusgus 25 May 2012
thierry lagesse is the richest person in mauritus..he sits on the board of directors of most of the top companies in mauritius...rumours say that his net profit per year would be around Rs300m
gusgus 25 May 2012
richest families would be the lagesse, espitalier noel, maurel, jugnauth, rawat, kalachand etc...
bird_dodo 28 Feb 2012
could it be the espitallier noel??
gices 28 Feb 2012
Who is that?
Honee_Gunessee 27 Feb 2012
would be persons owning private family enterprises like the Lagesse and Rivalland. But since NMH is one of the biggest hotel enterprise we have, it could be Herbert Couacau. He is also at the seat of several Board.
gices 27 Feb 2012
I'm not familiar with the name Rivalland, would you mind giving some background info? thanks
Khush_Mendossa 29 Feb 2012
people financing political parties are the richest... such as currimjee. When you light on your house they get money, not the CEB. PoLiTiCs!
BadFundodo 07 Jan 2016

Isn't it unfair? Those colonials came in first and their blood relatives still own a large portion of Mauritius. Pfft..They don't require education. They've got it all from birth..A serious advantage. Should we Mauritius amend colonial law? I mean Mauritius has been independent since 78, and all Mauritians are as Mauritian as any other Mauritian. How can they still own??

sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

The director of phoenix Bev and Swan are Rivalland brothers. Former Senior adviser to the PM was their dad. I don't think they are that wealthy. The two brothers are paid directors in the IBL group whose main shareholders with voting power are the Lagesse

legend 05 Feb 2012
It could well be the Lagesse family. It's just a hunch though, don't take my word for it.
Tiishh 11 May 2016

I am the future richest man in Mauritius :P

karunah 04 Apr 2014

The one who has the most beautiful heart and brain

Ansley_Dussoye 18 Sep 2012

Ansley Dussoye xD

gices 18 Sep 2012

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