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Le Val Nature Park Review

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Now that we are entering the summer months, the days are getting longer and the weather warmer, the perfect combination for a day out with the family. So this week I went to Le Val Nature Park found in Cluny in the South of the island of Mauritius.

Photos from the park
(Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version of the photos)

anthuriumblue skyclear water pondcracks in soilduck pondentrance signfeesflower in wheelherbskoi pondlake sidele val entrancemonkey on polemountain viewmoving fishpedalling boatspicturesque viewplantationplants for salerabbitsredhead duckreflection in lakerestaurantsmiling goatsoftshell turtle and catfishtall tress with orange on barkwater canal in plantation field

Finding it wasn't very easy as we took a back entrance through a private road; many of the locals advised us that it was the shorter route but it took us a good 20 minutes to drive through the mountains and lush landscape. We even saw a wild monkey cross our path! There used to be a sign on the main road but it looks like it has fallen off - we took the second road after the sign to Cluny.

After driving for what seemed like forever, we finally reached the entrance to Le Val. There is a small area for parking and a little bridge to cross over before entering the park. There is a small entrance fee of Rs25 for children and Rs50 for adults. The first thing you notice is small boats that you can pedal in the lake. Unfortunately, because of the lack of rain, the water was a little too shallow and if we really wanted to go for a small ride, we would have to stay in the middle of the lake. It only cost Rs20 per person but since we wouldn't be able to pedal much, we thought it wouldn't be as fun and skipped it. There is another lake close by where you can do "fun fishing" for an hour at the cost of Rs100.

When we arrived we were the only visitors to the park. We first came across a koi pond and a small pond that housed a catfish and a Chinese softshell turtle. By taking the first path before the koi pond we saw a duck pond and also a small area with a slide, swing and seesaw for the little ones to play on. There are also greenhouses with herbs and a very large one with anthurium flowers. Opposite the greenhouses, you'll get to meet a couple of friendly goats. Further down, there's a monkey enclosure that houses two monkeys which don't seem very happy.

It is a very picturesque place to visit and there are water ponds where you can see watercress being grown along with other flowers and vegetation; it looks a little like Thailand where they grow rice in water beds and it really is a gorgeous view. If you continue, I think there are deer and tortoises but we were too tired to continue so we made our way back. At the entrance, there is a small enclosure with a couple of adorable rabbits. You will also find two resident dogs that roam around too but they do no harm. There is a restaurant but it doesn't look like they use it at all but I could be wrong, it might open at set times.

A few tips:

  • Wear sun cream and a hat, it is very sunny in some places
  • Wear mosquito repellent
  • Wear sensible shoes as the ground can be very uneven with pebbles and rocks
  • We were going to bring a stroller for the little one but we wouldn't have been able to use it so I would say it is not wheelchair friendly either

Overall it was a very nice visit but the heat and the mosquitoes can ruin it a little so take precautions.

If you've been there before, please share your experiences as well.

Peaches Published 27 Oct 2013


gices 31 Oct 2013

Don't hear Le Val much these days, it seems Casela, La Vanille Crocodile Park and the other "Domaines" are doing more aggressive marketing then them but it's definitely a nice place for a day out with the family.

Great pictures btw :)

BadFundodo 02 Mar 2016

Never been there...It seems to be quite interesting, maybe I should some day. BTW quite good pictures. :)

radhika 18 Nov 2013

went there some weeks back with my husband & cousins.. i was in good company and didnt felt the discomforts.. but surely this report is all true..

Peaches 18 Nov 2013

What discomforts?