Mauritian Citizenship by Naturalization, Birth or Descent

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Under the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs, the citizenship section deals with citizenship and naturalisation procedures.

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Coupled with the passport and immigration office, the Prime Minister’s Office is where all decisions are taken.

A person is considered to be a Mauritian if he/she is born in Mauritius before September 1995 with Mauritian or foreign parents or after September 1995 if one of the parents is Mauritian. Also, a person born abroad with one of the parents being Mauritian is considered to be a Mauritian. All applicants must be above 18 years of age and sound minded to make an application and all necessary documents must be submitted in originals plus 2 copies and duly filled application forms. The citizenship section can be contacted on 201-3362.

Naturalization processes

An adopted child becomes a citizen of Mauritius if he/she is adopted by a Mauritian or the father is a Mauritian citizen and the adoption is legally approved of in Mauritius. Documents needed for this process are as follows:

  • the birth certificate of the child
  • birth and marriage certificates of the parents
  • certificate of Mauritian nationality/foreign nationality of the parents
  • morality certificate

If the spouse of a Mauritian is foreign and wishes to apply for Mauritian citizenship, he/she can do so if he/she has stayed with the spouse for at least 4 years under the same roof. Documents required in this case are:

  • birth certificates of the applicant, father, father-in-law and spouse
  • marriage certificate of the applicant
  • first five pages of the passport
  • certificate of foreign nationality of spouse if applicable
  • residence permit
  • morality certificate

A person in the commonwealth countries can also apply for Mauritian citizenship if he/she has stayed in Mauritius for 5 years or at least one year depending on the relevance of the application; documents needed include:

  • the first 5pages of the applicant’s passport
  • birth and marriage certificates
  • residence permit
  • morality certificate

Non commonwealth residents can also apply for Mauritian citizenship if they have resided in Mauritius for at least a year or a continuous period of 5 years in the past 7 years with the same above mentioned documents plus one copy of two daily newspapers containing the necessary information regarding his/her naturalization.

A foreign investor can apply for Mauritian citizenship provided that he has stayed on the island for at least 2 years and has invested at least $500,000 (US dollars) in Mauritius. Documents needed are the first 5 pages of the applicant’s passport, birth and marriage certificates, residence permit and morality certificate and one copy of two daily newspapers containing the necessary information regarding his/her naturalization.

Citizenship Renunciation / Resumption

A Mauritian may renounce to Mauritian citizenship if he/she is also holder of a foreign citizenship; this is done at the Supreme Court of Mauritius or in any other area in the world in the presence of a Mauritian consulate. Documents needed are the birth certificate of the applicant or the birth certificates of the parents if the applicant was not born in Mauritius, passport and ID card and proof that the applicant will be holder of a foreign citizenship upon renunciation. Conversely, resumption of citizenship (if renunciation was made based on marriage) can be made based on marriage dissolution and the intention of residing in Mauritius. Documents needed are the birth and marriage certificates of the applicant, proof of marriage dissolution and certificate of foreign citizenship.

More information regarding Mauritian citizenship can be obtained on the government of Mauritius website.

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sunnyuk Level 1

I'm a British citizen and my wife is mauritian citizen. We were married in the u.k.
Can I get a residence permit for mauritius.
Thank u.

zorah Level 1

my partner is jamaican,im actually pregnant and expecting to giv birth mid february 2016,he is not divorced yet..can he acknowledge/recognise/giv his last name to his child? if yes..wat r the procedures?he is actually working overseas which makes it complicated for him to come in person when the baby will b here.

joeakim Level 1

hi my wife is chinese.. we met in australia but havnt been civilly married yet because i am going through a divorce with my ex wife. shes pregnant and cannot have permission to give birth in china.. can she give birth in mauritius?

nathaliemadden Level 1

Hi I was born in Mauritius, but migrated to Australia at a very young age. Can someone please advise on how i can find out if i am still a citizen of Mauritius?

Thank you :)

sunnyuk Level 1

As far as I know if you have the birth certificate and then contact the mauritius embassy .
Also you need to apply for the ID. Card.

anonymous_4 Level 1

Hello there.
Thanks for the post. I was hoping you can help with the below
Im married to a Mauritian citizen and I received my resident permit a couple of years back.
Do I still need to apply for a work permit prior to taking up employment on the island?
Im getting mixed info when trying to get the right info

Thank you for your assistance
Kind Regards

shana Level 1

hello there
if you already have your residence permit then no need for you to apply for work permit. hope this helps you,
Take care.

anonymous_4 Level 1

No,your child will be a Bangladeshi, not a Mauritian

anonymous_4 Level 1

The article is nice, short & brief with information. I have a question that is - Hi, I am a Bangladeshi Citizen working here in Mauritius and living with my family. My job contract has no expire date and I have received the Work Permit for 3 years and my family has also received the residence permit.

I have 2 kids, they are going to government school.
My question is, if I have a 3rd kid born here in Mauritius, as per the law he/she will be born Citizen of Mauritius. But will we, the entire family will get the Citizenship?
Nazmul Bashar

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