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Renewing an expired Mauritian passport

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When you are issued a passport in Mauritius, it lasts for 10 years for an adult and unless you travel a lot and run out of passport pages, you will only need to renew it after a decade. When we celebrated the millennium in 2000, it was that year that I applied for my first passport, so now that we’re in 2012, my passport has been expired for 2 years and it was about time that I got myself a valid one.

When renewing a passport which has expired, you will need to fill out a very simple application form and bring with you your National Identity card, your expired passport and two passport photos. There’s no need for counter-signatures which is a great relief. You will also need to have with you a photocopy of your ID card as well as the bio page of your passport (the page where your picture appears). It will save you a lot of trouble if you have all the necessary documents and copies with you.

When you enter the Passport Office in Port-Louis (Sterling House), you will need to get hold of a ticket straight away. There will be an information desk on the left hand side as you enter the Passport Office and you need to request a ticket from the person sitting there. Try to muster the courage to ask for your ticket even if you see people at the information desk as people will keep on crowding that area and you may find yourself waiting a lot more than you anticipated.

If you are missing copies of the original documents, you will find that as you enter the premises of Sterling House, there’s a photocopy service available on the right (just before the lifts). A black and white photocopy will cost you Rs2.

Once you’ve got your ticket, you can proceed to the room where you see the counters. In some cases, the person at the information desk might ask to see your application form and documents first to make sure you’ve got everything ready. Sometimes they don’t update the current ticket number they are serving, so you’ll have to be alert to prevent people who have come after you go before you. In my case, number 97 was showing as the current ticket number they are dealing with and I thought that I had a lot of people before me because my number was 108. However, they were serving number 102 instead!

Once at the counter, the officer will double check all your documents and ask you to sign a piece of paper that’s he’s going to affix to your passport application. This is the signature that’s going to go on your passport, so make sure it’s neat and accurate. If you have all the required documents and photocopies, you will then be asked to go and pay Rs700 for the renewal of your passport. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get a receipt which you have to take back to the officer who served you. Don’t be surprised to see somebody else being served! All you have to do is hand over the yellow part of the receipt and keep the white bit with you. Your new passport should be ready for collection within 7 days but the officer will tell you exactly when to come pick it up.

gices Published 10 Feb 2012
I'm a Software Developer and the founder of Clever Dodo. I encourage people to practice MAM (Movement/Arts/Meditation) for a well-balanced and happy life. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, I usually blog about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on my knowledge.


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anonymous_4 08 Aug 2012

Hi Gices,
Would you know if there is an option to have more pages in the Mauritian passport for frequent travellers?
Thanks, Nathalie

gices 09 Aug 2012

Hi Nathalie,

There's just one standard passport book and the number of pages in it is fixed. If you travel often, you will need to renew it when you're likely to run out of pages to stamp visa. No other choice I'm afraid.

alvin 11 Apr 2016

hello, i live in italy. I am returning to Mauritius for good. As my passport has already expired , can i travel with an expired passport? thanks

navinahaulkhory 02 Sep 2015


I am leaving abroad and i need to renew my daughter's passport but the thing is my identity card is lost and since then i didn't come to Mauritius at all. What should i do because with the application form they need both parent ID would my passport be okay or do I need to write a letter stating the lost of my ID . And do i need to send a consent letter straight to the passport office as well. Thank you in advance.

sidgujadhur 31 Jul 2015

For passport renewal ,would they need proof of address and birth certifcate ?? thanks

Hi , I live in the uk and held both mauritian & British passport . Unfortunately my british passport has expired . I need to teavel to mauritius asap . Can I use my mauritian passport to travel ? Mauritian passport is valid for another two years . When I have travelled in the past to Mauritius I have been use both passport . E.g . Using my british passport when leaving and entering the uk . Then using my mauritian passport when entering & leaving mauritius . Please some advise me very urgently if I will be able to travel with my mauritian passport ? If I travel I intend to bring my expired British passport , certificate of naturalisation , copies of my indifinite leave visas to remain in the uk and a letter accompanied with it confirming my indifinite from the home office .

mnel36 05 Jan 2015

Hi There,
I post all my documents to Mauritius High Commission based in London.I would like to know how long does it take to get my renewal passport.Just to let you know i live in Dublin.

Thank you

NB_Can 03 Dec 2014

Hi there i live in Canada but there are no and there's an Embassies out here. The closest embassy is in Washington,DC (USA). I hold a Mauritian passport that's expired since Sept 2013 which needs to be renewed asap.
Where should I be sending the renewal forms to? Also, I have been receiving conflicting information regarding the forms to be sent, was told to get the full form (P.F.136)by some while others told me to use the simple form (P.F.136A). So which one should I be sending?
With the simple form, I do not need countersignatures, but I still have to go to the local Police Detachment to get my papers signed...
Can you let me know Asap please. Thank you.

Kind Regards: NB

gices 06 Dec 2014

Complete form (P.F.136A) and forward it to a relative in Mauritius along with a letter stating that person can act on your behalf. The latter can then go to the Passport Office in P-Louis, pay the renewal fees, collect your passport within a week and post it to you.

This is the easiest way to do it.

nidhiboodhun 01 Mar 2014

Hello Gices
Thanks for the information
I just wanted an additional information from you.
For passport renewal,is it necessary for me to go to port louis
Or is there any other branch where I can carry out the procedures for renewal?
1 more thingcan someone else collect my passport or should I go and collect it personally?
Thank you

gices 05 Mar 2014

As far as I know, this is a centralised service and therefore you will have to go to Port-Louis to get it renewed. However someone else can collect it on your behalf afterwards.

lionhart 21 Aug 2013

Hi, I'll be going to Mauritius on holidays for 2 weeks in early September. My passport is expiring in August 2014. I have two questions. (1) Can I renew my passport now (although it has not expired yet)? (2) When I go to submit my application at the Passport Office in Port-Louis, will they just check the original passport and return it to me, or hold on to it and only return it to me with my new passport? Many thanks

gices 21 Aug 2013
  1. Your passport must be expired before they'll allow you to renew it.
  2. You will get the old passport with punch holes on the front (to mark it's no longer valid) when you go collect your new one.
lionhart 21 Aug 2013

Hi Gices, many thanks for your prompt reply! Hmmm, that's a bit of a problem. So there is no consideration for the fact that most countries require a passport with at least 3 months' validity? Cheers

gices 21 Aug 2013

I tried to renew mine before it expired and that's what they told me. However different staff will tell you different things so when you're in Mauritius, go to the Passport Office and see what they tell you. Tip them if need be to get your work done :)

lionhart 21 Aug 2013

Hi Gices, ok, many thanks once again! Cheers

Marie_Savanah 11 Jun 2013

Hi there i live in Australia and there's an Embassy in Canberra( CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA) and i hold a Mauritian passport that's expired 3 years ago. I need to renew it as i'm gonna travel soon, was wondering if i can do it here. Can you let me know Asap please.
Kind Regards: Desiree

khal 22 Apr 2013


If you live in the UK you can send your completed application form plus the £22 fee (only postal order made payable to Mauritius High Commission accepted)to the Mauritius High Commission, 32-33 Elvaston Place, South Kensington, London, SW7 5NW.

gices 03 May 2013

That will be very helpful for British Mauritians or Mauritians currently living in England. Thanks for sharing.

Indi_Moorghen 04 Jan 2013

HI Gices,

I am considering applying for a mauritian passport. I had my original passport( now misplaced/loss) in 1974. How do i go about getting a replacement. thanks fo your help in advance.


StarFish08 07 Aug 2012

Hi Gices,
My passport is expiring in June 2013 and I live and work in Dubai, no Mauritian embassy or consulate here. So, if I understand well, I fill in the online form and send it to the above address right? It is sufficient for them to do the needful without me being there and will they send me back my new passport?
Thanks for your advice.

gices 09 Aug 2012

Hi Martine,

I've just called the head office and found out the procedure has changed now. I've updated my comment to reflect that, so please refer to my reply to @AJSTYLE above to find the answer to your question.

StarFish08 09 Aug 2012

Hi Gices,

Many thanks for your reply. One last question. I am meant to believe they would require my original passport. However, for business purposes, I have to travel often to other GCC countries and might need my current passport while they are processing the new one. How do I tackle this? Can I just send a copy of the passport then? Since it will be quite a challenge if in the meantime I need to travel... Many thanks for your assistance on this point.


gices 09 Aug 2012

They will not renew your passport without getting hold of the old one. If you declare it lost, you will have to supply a police statement to confirm the loss.

If you send the passport by an express and reliable courier service, it shouldn't take long to reach your family here. Sometimes they can issue the passport the next day but at most it's 7 days waiting. So all in all, it could be 14 days max before you get it back.

Try not to make any travel arrangements for a fortnight and you should be good to go.

AJSTYLE 19 Jun 2012

That's great, but what about those who are abroad and there is no consulate or embassy in that country.

Thanks a lot for providing these info.


gices 19 Jun 2012

Where there's no embassy, you will need to send a filled and signed application to a family member or friend residing in Mauritius. You must also post all relevant documents and photos along with your NIC. The person representing you can then go to the Passport Office to renew your passport on your behalf (remember there's a fee to pay). He will then collect the passport when it's ready and can send it back to you abroad.

When you submit an application to an embassy abroad, they send it by post to the head office in Mauritius with all the original paperwork. They only act as an intermediary.

Btw welcome to Clever Dodo :)

AJSTYLE 19 Jun 2012

The website is very informative, I'll suggest it to other Mauritian compatriot here.

Thanks a lot gices, for the reply.

Minashou 19 Jun 2012

Thanks loads for this bit of info :) In office here we've been having loads of debates about the fees but no one really found out! Indeed very interesting this website...clever clever dodo :)

gices 19 Jun 2012

Thanks for the kind words Minashou. We're trying to make information more accessible for day to day living in Mauritius. If there are things which we haven't covered yet, then let us know. Or if you have anything to share which would be helpful to other Mauritians, then don't hesitate.

Minashou 20 Jun 2012

Welcome Gices :) Will try to bring my contribution as well if ever I find something interesting :) Keep it up :)