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Passport in Mauritius - Renewal or Application for new, lost or stolen

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Application for a passport is done at the Passport and Immigration Office which is located at the Sterling House (9-11 Lislet Geoffroy Street) in Port Louis. There are six other sub branches located in the main districts of Mauritius namely at Rose Hill, Moka, Rose Belle, Curepipe, Flacq and Piton where it can be made. The Passport and Immigration Office is a branch of the police force that enforces immigration laws as well as deals with the relevant documentation for visits and naturalisation of non citizens.

Services offered by the passport office include provision of passports and travel documents, provision of visas to non citizens who need legal permits to enter the island, provision of residence and occupation permits and controlling the entry and exit processes onto the island.
All people of Mauritian origin are eligible for a Mauritian passport.

The application form can be obtained at the nearest police station, the main passport office or downloaded from the government of Mauritius website at

How to apply for a Mauritian passport?

Documents needed to obtain a passport include IDs, birth certificates, two recent passport size photographs (against a white background plus signed by two witnesses at the back), certificate of citizenship if applicable, previous passport if applicable, police certificate if applicable, marriage certificate if applicable and divorce decree if applicable.

For minors, additional documents to those above include IDs, birth certificates and judge’s order (if applicable) of the parents. All documents must be submitted in duplicate copies and originals must be produced for verification. In addition, two witnesses, who have known the applicant for at least two years and must be in either legal or religious profession, must countersign the application form.

The validity of the passport is for 10 years for adults and 5 years for children under 16 years. The identity of the applicant must also be certified by the police from the nearest police station before submission of the document. Passports are delivered within 7 days after payment.

How much does it cost?

Passport fees are at Rs700 for adults, Rs400 for minors, senior citizens and disabled persons (with relevant documents from the social security office). On the first loss of a passport (or damage), a fee of Rs5000 must be paid; on the second loss (or damage), Rs15000 must be paid while on every other subsequent losses a cumulative fee of Rs15000 must be paid.

Working hours of the head office are from 9am to 2.30pm on weekdays, 9am to 11am on Saturdays (to noon for other businesses than passport application) while the sub branches operate from 9am to noon and 1pm to 2.30pm on weekdays only and from 08.30am to 9m and 2.30pm to 4pm for other businesses that passport applications.

Amendments to the passport regarding change of name, profession or extension of the normal validity can be done for a fee of Rs100, a filled endorsement form from the immigration office and documentary evidence of the stated change.

For a mauritian passport renewal, that is if your current passport has expired, a fee of Rs700 will be charged (similar to application for a new passport).

In case of loss, it must be reported immediately to the police and a certificate of loss is given which must be presented to the immigration office for the application of a new passport. Any person who commits an offence regarding passport procedures makes an offence under the passport act and shall have to pay a fine of not more than Rs1000 and may be subject to imprisonment for not more than 1 year.

gices Published 01 Jun 2011
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geetabokhoree 25 Aug 2015


I have lost my Mauritius Passeport recently. I live in Montreal, Canada. How can I apply for a new one and what documents is needed?

How much time does it take to get the new passeport sent to me to my canadian address?

I need to travel in September , is there any emergency process ?

Kind Regards,

mevikamerchant 27 Aug 2015

Hello I would like to know how much time does it take to get a new passport and what can be done in case of urgency? Thank you in advance.

safaali 03 Feb 2016

i wana get Mauritania passport iam from pakistan can i get

johanmoura 16 Dec 2014

hi, is it necessary to have 2 countersigners?

safaali 03 Feb 2016

i wana set my passport as Mauritania becoz iam a pakistani and wana left pakistan and join Mauritania so can i do it

hilarymybelle-hisui 30 Nov 2014

Hello.. im mauritian, 19 and i would like to apply for a passport... Do i need a certificate of character to apply for it? And how many days/weeks will it take aprox..
And in how many days will i receive my certificate of character if i apply for it?

gices 30 Nov 2014

Like I mentioned on chat, you don't need the Certificate of Character to apply for a passport.

Danny_Desperles 17 Sep 2014

I lost my Mauritian passport 40 years ago whilst in England, now I possess a British passport, how do I go about applying for a Mauritian one.

gices 17 Sep 2014

Please do not create multiple posts for the same thing.

A similar question has already been answered, so use the search facility on the website. I'll try to put the link when I get back home.



Here's the link in case you didn't find it.

Danny_Desperles 18 Sep 2014

My old passport photo has been removed, can I send it back to renew.

gices 18 Sep 2014

I'm not following - you said you've lost your passport, so what about the photo?

Please use the reply button to make it easier to follow the conversation.

Danny_Desperles 19 Sep 2014

My daughter phoned from England to say she's found the passport with the photo removed, the passport was issued in 1969, somehow the photograph has been removed.

gices 19 Sep 2014

The Mauritian Passport is valid for 10 years, so yours has expired. Therefore ask your daughter to send it over and download the application form for renewal from their website and submit the documents they require (all stated on the application form).

Worst case scenario they'll ask you to pay the fee for a damaged passport (Rs5,000) but when I went to renew mine, the signature bit was torn but they didn't make any fuss.

jen3 07 Oct 2013

Hello, last year I had lost my passport, I've reported it to the nearest police station then a few days ago I got it in a drawer at my place. I went to the police station where I registered the lost passport, the police men told me to sign a paper then he told me that I can travel if I want. Yesterday when I went for immigration at the airport they told me that I can't travel because I have a registered lost passport. Can you please tell me how much time will it take to get a new one??

gices 07 Oct 2013

You should get it within 7 days, sometimes as quick as 2 days depending on the amount of work they have.

sarah_7 13 Oct 2019

can this blog be updated

hi i live in ireland n i applied for tourist visa for my parents. The INIS has agreed to grant my parents their visa but the only problem my parents passport will expire in March 2017 and I was asked by the INIS that they will hold on to the application until my parents get a new passport. I was just wandering can my parents can renew their passport earlier or do they have to wait two weeks before their passport actual expired. Please i need clarification because the immigration in Ireland will not wait so long.
Thanking you

alvin 11 Apr 2016

hi. I am a Mauritian residing in Italy. My passport is expiring on december 2017. could you please tell me what should i do to renew it. thanks

veromauricienne 12 Jan 2016

Hi next years my passport will be expired Im actually in France but would like to know how many time do I have before renewing my passport and what paper wold I need thanks

dani 15 Oct 2015

Do you guys know how far in advance you can renew your passport? On the passport renewal form, there's only 2 reasons for passport renewal: Expired or Filled with Stamps and wonder if you can renew well before it expires.

Bouba 05 Oct 2015

I am a Mauritian and actually live in Mauritius.
I have lost my old passport which expired about 2 years ago.
Now I have a renewed passport.
I do not know the serial number of the old passport.
What must I do in order to get a duplicate of my old passport ?


dododo 22 Aug 2015

Hi !

I have lost/stolen an expired passport ? What must I do ?
Since I do not remember the serial number of the passport, the police don't want to take any stolen declaration.
I already have a new passport. The old is expired 4 years ago.

Thanks for your advice.

veeraragooketty 01 Jul 2015

I have sent all the documents in south Africa for a visa for switzerland and i have no sign of it although i phone them several times. I have to travel to Switzerland this month and i don't have my documents nor passport as i have already sent them in South Africa. I don't know if it's lost or what. Can you please advice me what to do as i have already bought my tickets.Thnks it's urgent

Chaand 17 Feb 2015

Hello i do have a Mauritian passport but have never travel below. Since i have recently married legally i want to change my passport. i want it to be made on my spouse surname.can i use the normal application form to make the necessary. thank you

saileshnoyan 03 Feb 2015

hello i am from italy my question is ,for the renewal of a Mauritian Passport do we require signatures on the photo as we do in Mauritius. thank you.

dns 21 Jan 2015

I currently work as an expat in Africa and every 2 months I'm back in Mauritius for 3 weeks for holidays.

But now I want to study in Canada and want to apply accordingly in February. And one of the requirement is to submit my passport. this process takes around 3-4 months.

I need my passport to travel back to Africa for work.

Kindly advise


massirahdhoomun 16 Jan 2015


I have a particular situation, My workplace is in process of applying for a work permit for me for an european country and when this is approved they will have to apply for a visa for my stay there, however, I will travelling next month for a wedding and at the same time they might need my passport for the visa procedures near the embassy. I have a mauritian passport.

Is there a possibility of getting a concurrent/ temporary passport in Mauritius?

Do you have any idea about such cases?


gices 16 Jan 2015

You can be in possession of only one passport at a time but you can arrange to get a travel document. Go to the Passport Office to enquire.

Natasha1693 12 Dec 2014


I'm student studying in Australia and my passport is expiring on 25 Dec 2014. I've sent all my documents to Mauritius however, a relative of mine said that they won't accept it cause they need NIC. I don't have a national identity card cause I left MRU when I was 16. What can be done?

gices 12 Dec 2014

They need the NIC to confirm you're a Mauritian citizen. If you don't have that, you may have to look into getting one first.

Since you're renewing your passport, it might be worth sending a letter explaining the circumstances of why you do not have an NIC. They may accept it as you already hold a passport.

Natasha1693 12 Dec 2014

All done...thanks for your help :)

virgyshyama 30 Oct 2013

Hello im a mauritian live in italy..recently i applied for a new passport for my son and renew mine at ambassade of mauritius which is found in paris.i have to come to mauritius for a work this december.they will give me laisser passer.i must return to italy to the end of december.i would like to know will i be able to get the passport thus i can return..n how much time it will tke to get it there.thks

gices 30 Oct 2013

I don't know about the ambassade in Paris but if you apply at the Passport Office in Mauritius, you'll get it within 7 days.