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In 2011, I was planning my return to Mauritius and therefore needed quite a lot of information on how to do specific things eg finding a house to live in, getting a car, customs process for my belongings etc. There was hardly anything on the internet. I've had to ask friends/family and sometimes they would know and other times they would have to go ask other people and relay the information back to me (bless them).

I blogged about the things I was doing along the way to help others out there and decided to launch this as a place where Mauritians, expats and tourists would find the information they were after.

What we have today is a community of people who are tied together by Mauritius in some way or the other.

Going forward, I see this as a place we can all use to advance our society while maintaining a very good balance with mother nature so that further generations can enjoy this fantastic little island we call paradise.


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