Thinking of moving to Mauritius but unsure about job prospects

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nilufar1 15 Jul 2014

Hi I am thinking of relocating to mauritius in maybe 2 or 3 years time due to husband is mauritian and wants to go back. But I need to know whether there is any social work in mauritius as I am a qualified social worker in UK and I have relevant work experience.
If there is social work jobs there what is the pay rate.

In regards to schools for kids is the education given to children good in english.. and do we have to pay for school fees..

Healthcare is it good.. in terns of doctors is it free or do we need to pay to see the gps.

Groceries.. do you get everything there or are there any certain stuff like lasagna sheets or spices that they dont have.

Thank you

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gices 15 Jul 2014

Social work jobs do not pay a lot, so if your husband is not a high earner, you will really struggle. We've got graduates in that field working in call centres, therefore it's going to be hard to find work in that sector.

Education is both in English/French but French is more spoken. You will have to send your kids to English schools which are not that cheap to be honest.

We've got free healthcare but the service is not that good, so budget in private clinics.

You won't have any problems with food, we have most things here but don't think things are less expensive because they aren't.

I've written a lot about life in Mauritius, so search this site and you'll find plenty of resources.