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The job situation in Mauritius – know the right people or stay unemployed!

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job problem in mauritius
Growing up in Mauritius, you are taught at a very early age, whether at home or in school, that education is your passport to a bright future. It is your chance to secure a good job and do well in life. But is that really the case?

As a child, you start making the sacrifices to reap the benefits later on in life. You cut down on your playing time to do extra homework or take more private tuitions to help you understand things better. You are not happy about it all but you think that it’s going to pay off one day.
Then comes the day of your graduation – you’ve finally achieved something in life, you’ve got your bachelor’s degree and you’re filled with enthusiasm and you’re ready to step into the working world. You decide to celebrate your success and to mark the end of your academic studies.

When the party is over, you decide to make some job applications in the hope that you’ll soon be earning some decent money. You don’t hear from some employers but that doesn’t upset you a lot. You have sent over a 100 applications, so the offers will be coming in any moment now. Weeks passed by and you still hear nothing. You start to get depressed now. Then, you get this nice letter that you’ve been waiting for – a job interview!

You wear the best clothes from your closet, make yourself look presentable and professional and set off to close down the deal. You’re nervous but you know you’ve been prepared all your life for this very moment and it’s not like you can’t do the job, otherwise you wouldn’t have applied in the first place. You step into the interview room and the man sitting in the boss’s chair ask you some lame questions about yourself and your education. You proudly hand over your certificates to him so he can have a look for himself and then you hear him say, “That’s all good but where is your recommendation letter?”. You thought what kind of tricky question that could be and you managed to utter the words to tell him you haven’t got any. You don’t know any influential people because you don’t mingle with politicians as you think they’re liars; you don’t hang out with the upper class because you think they’re hypocrites. So what do you do now?

Well after so much studying, who would have thought that getting a job will be so difficult eh? You cannot afford to keep on studying as you need money for that as well. You got to find money some way or another to pay up your bills. There’s just one solution then – and that’s queuing up for unemployment benefits and even though it’s not a lot of money, at least it will come in handy.
Corruption is really bad in Mauritius, so is the financial burden and the social sacrifice of studying really worth it in the end?

gices Published 17 May 2011
Gices Abraham is the founder of Clever Dodo. He's a life coach and advocates the practice of MAM (Movement/Arts/Meditation) for a well-balanced and happy life. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, he usually blogs about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on his knowledge.


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punisher 19 May 2011
sad truth of mauritius :(
BadFundodo 14 Jan 2016

The Rat race. The illusive pursuit of happiness. More money doesn't necessarily bring more happiness. Employment will likely ruin your health. Stress is a silent killer. Permanent damage to your health = screwed life.

At the end of the day all humans seek happiness and happiness could be attained in the simplest ways. You only live once, try not to kill yourself and enjoy the trip. Thing is, how do you SURVIVE if you're not employed?

hulubulu 03 Mar 2015

Stop complaining and better make some efforts, mauritian sa mem li res en arriere li nek plaigner pa ler fer zefor. make it happen dont rely on anyone cuz you'll end waiting? for a very long time

gices 03 Mar 2015

You've read this and come to the conclusion it's a whinge? I'm gobsmacked! I thought the illustration was spot on if not for the words, what do I know eh?

Ayeza 01 Mar 2015

Where can we apply for unemployment benefits in mauritius?

gices 03 Mar 2015

Unfortunately, there are no unemployment benefits in Mauritius. It was ceased long time ago.

kantaya 02 Dec 2014

I agree that you have to have connections to get a job. Very sad indeed. Over that the total number of degree holders to total population ratio is overwhelming. What Mauritius lacks is enterprise. If one innovates and succeeds the others just copy and follow. The result is there are many doing the same thing leading to start-up failure. There is too much competitiveness and less camarederie. A friend told me that even when you go to the bank with a new project they will not give you the loan to start a business. Some days later she found one of the relatives of the officer at the bank doing the same business that she had carefully planned out in the action plan.

yash_ash 24 Apr 2012
Till I keep my fingers crossed, my dear neighbor the RODER BOUTE would have definitely earned enough to start leading a better life. What a life :(
yash_ash 23 Apr 2012
That's a sad veracity. We have so many intelligent Mauritians who are currently unemployed. The worst part of this is that they even hold a degree. I've applied for a post in the Public Service Commission and I know that I will not get the job as I do not know any influential person. Indeed, my father used to work in the public sector and I think that I should go in his department and ask them to find a job for me. Amen. Roder boute FTW.
gices 24 Apr 2012
It's very sad indeed that our society which is supposed to be democratic is not based on meritocracy but there's something called LUCK and you never know when it can hit you :) So keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.
Khush_Mendossa 12 Apr 2012
The picture shows everything.
And if after much effort you don't get a job, break your legs and claim benefits for 'autrement capable' because unemployment benefits here are non-existant.
Even I, want to work. But not as a waiter or call center (no offence here) as I've got certificates but there is simply NO job without backing.
gices 13 Apr 2012
You just need to be strong and try to make the best of a bad situation.
Nikki_3 24 Nov 2012

I have a Masters from the UK and I am still unemployed. I sent over 200 applications but I got no response! If I had known that getting hired in Mauritius would be this difficult, I would have stopped my studies after my Bachelors! It feels so bad when you know you are qualified and you have the potential and yet others get the job with a recommendation or political affinity! And you just sit back and do nothing! I feel pity for myself and very dejected!

If anyone of you could help me, it would be great...

murf6464 17 Mar 2012
So apparently I'm supposed to address this response to "Mauritius". So either way, what if "Mauritius" worked for some philanthropy, gotten a recommendation that way, or at the very least suck in some pride and ideals and get a recommendation from a past work manager or professor? It doesn't seem that difficult, especially for the extent that "Mauritius" desperately needs a job...
gices 17 Mar 2012
Mauritius is NOT a person but rather a small developing island in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. The problem outlined here shows the unfairness that many youngsters have to endure because even with hard work (good education, willingness to work hard starting from the bottom), you cannot land yourself a job unless you know people in high places.
Khush_Mendossa 12 Apr 2012
Sometimes even if you know people in high places (yes ministers and deputies) they promise you a job then after election: bang! Seen this too often.
Jimmytan 05 Jan 2012
Very interesting and useful
Thanks for you kindly help.
sphinx 18 May 2011
Cost of living in Mauritius is high nowadays and unemployment benefits will not get you very far. That's why crime rates have gone up as well as robberies...
anonymous_4 27 Mar 2013

agree, it's unfair, only foreigners are enjoying life

Ankh 28 Nov 2014

I am having the same problem. I got First Class Honours from a very prestigious UK university. I went to a job fair and Ceridian asked me to apply for a role that only reuquire the person to have passed HSC. Shame to Ceridian.Shame to Mauritius. Shame to democracy in this country.

gices 30 Nov 2014

@Ankh : I'm sorry to hear that. Have you tried applying at other places?

BadFundodo 14 Jan 2016

Well I have a degree as well. Went to an interview in some bank. These mofos asked me to do scanning work for 6 months with no possibility of extending the contract. I declined the offer. Don't need the cash. They are really good at effing with dignity in MRU.