Thinking of joining or even creating a group to help needy children

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Nafi-18 28 May 2017

I was reading an article on this site titled 'How I helped needy children' by someone named Khairah. Unfortunately the article was closed. I would seriously like to know whether we have groups or people who do such things. I want to help needy children, not just by giving money but by spending time with them. For example carrying out extra curricular activites or helping them with their homeworks.

Any suggestions where I should start?


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gices 30 May 2017

We've had a few people asking about this actually and I'm happy you are one of them too. There are NGOs which you can get involved with depending on how much time you'd like give to the cause and with whom/what you'd like to work with (people, animals, environment etc).

Regarding the closed article, I can get you in touch with Khairah if you wanted to.

Over the next few months, Clever Dodo will be changing its Q&A platform to allow like-minded individuals to create groups and come together to discuss topics of interest to them and organise events (eg Charity Group organising an event to go help an elderly people or children in need). If you would like to be notified when we are ready to accept new members, please let me know.

Nafi-18 30 May 2017

Yes please. I would really appreciate it. Thank You