How to make a complaint about scavengers not collecting waste in your area?

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Devora 18 Apr 2015

Hello Clever Dodo!

In respect to the forum discussion about the Waste management in Mauritius, I would like to ask what is the right procedure to make a complaint when the scavengers DO NOT collect domestic waste from the house, normally twice in a week?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Kind regards,


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gices 18 Apr 2015

You will need to get in touch with your local municipality and explain the situation to them. You may want to take pictures of uncollected rubbish with a camera which has date/time stamped to prove your point.

Devora 18 Apr 2015

In fact, I did exactly this - took some shots with my mobile and contacted the chairperson of the village district council. I was advised to put my waste bin outside the yard and not to expect scavengers to enter my gate and take it, if I want domestic waste to be collected. I was assured that the new company contracted to do this job will be reminded to stop in front of each house and to collect the rubbish. Will see next week. Thanks gices. I am still learning how to address issues with public services here in Mauritius.