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Before I relocated to Mauritius, I wanted to have an idea about how much things cost so that I could plan my move better. However the information available on the Internet was not accurate and up to date. Now that I've been living here for nearly 2 years, I'm in a better position to talk about this.

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Eating out

You've got a lot of choice when it comes to eating out but I'd advise not to eat off the streets for the first couple of weeks until you've built up your immune system, otherwise you may get diarrhea. Bottled water is recommended initially too.

Street vendors

Dholl puri, roti (served with filling) : Rs12 Local snacks : 3 for Rs10 (samoussa, bhajia, taro fritter)

Fast food

KFC Rounder/Zinger meal : Rs155 McDonald Chicken burger : Rs105 Fried Noodles/Rice : Rs85 Halim (mutton) : Rs25 bowl 5 Fish balls with soup : Rs30 Coke, 33cl : Rs25

Mid range restaurant

Meal for 2 : Rs800

Food & Drinks

Local vegetables and fruits are very cheap but those which are imported cost a lot more.

Thick sliced bread (white) : Rs69 French baguette : Rs9 Milk, powdered (1Kg Anchor) : Rs210 Milk, fresh (1L Surlait) : Rs42 Yoghurt x 4 : Rs42 Potatoes (2.5Kg) : Rs78 Onions (1Kg) : Rs38 Sugar (1Kg) : Rs33 Salt (500g) : Rs17 Cheddar chesse (250g, Kraft) : Rs71 Lettuce : Rs17 Chopped tomatoes (Farmking can) : Rs20) Lamb shoulder (meal for 4) : Rs175 Chicken (Chantecler, 4) : Rs210 Prawns (500g Maremer) : Rs155 Eggs x 12 (Oeudor) : Rs73 Fish (Cateau, average) : Rs135 Rice Basmati (5Kg) : Rs350 Tuna chunks in oil : Rs47 Cereal (500g Corn Flakes) : Rs119 Bottled water (1.5L x 6 Vital) : Rs120 Juice (1L Dewlands, orange, guava etc) : Rs47 Pepsi (1.5L) : Rs45 Beer : Rs35 Phoenix can (local)

Local supermarkets

Utility bills

Electricity : Rs1200/month (Rs5000 with air conditioner on) Water : Rs110/month Landline telephone (fixed) : Rs90/month rental + cost of calls Mobile phones : Rs100 for prepaid SIM card (calls from Rs1.20 same network, Rs3.60 different network and Rs0.60 per SMS) Internet : Rs799/month for 1Mb download speed

Based on a 3 bedroom house consumption.


Bus : Rs34 (from Port-Louis to Curepipe, 23.5Km)

Please note there are no monthly bus passes available, you just pay as you go.

Bus networks

Taxi : Rs1500 (from Port-Louis to Plaissance, 47Km)

Note that taxi meters are not used in Mauritius so you need to negotiate the fees for your journey before you step in the vehicle. There are also unlicenced taxis (taxi train/ taxi marrons) whereby the owner waits for the car to be full before driving. They may offer cheaper rates but they are uninsured and should be avoided where possible. Normally a taxi should charge you twice the costs incurred, not more.


Cinema : Rs175/ticket Badminton* : Rs100 per hour Swimming* : Rs300/month Gym (fitness) : Rs1000/month Bowling : Rs250/round

* Based on the rates at Mauritius Sports Council, the times may not be convenient though!

Most activities are payable and there are only a few nature parks which are free.


For Mauritians

Rent apartment/house (3 bedrooms) : Rs8000/month (Port Louis, Capital) Buy a house : Rs5-8M (3 bedroom detached with kitchen, bathroom and living room + garage)

For Non-Citizens

Rent apartment/house (3 bedrooms) : Rs30,000/month (Port Louis, Capital) Buy a house : Only under IRS and RES schemes


Cigarettes : Rs120 Malboro, Rs105 Palmall

If there's anything else you need to know, please leave a comment.

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I'm a Software Developer and the co-founder of Clever Dodo. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, I usually blog about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on my knowledge.

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FT1 Level 1

As a British born, with both parents mauritian who came to London, I hate this culture, of if you go to mauritius and you buy something, let's say, pickled pineapple from the beach, the seller will charge you way over priced compared to a mauritian buying the same thing.

Gices, like you listed, the rent price for "mauritians" and "non-mauritians", WTH!!!! This put me off going to mauritius one day to retire or something! Really extortionate prices!

I was talking to my friend about buying a BMW X6, in mauritius. Put it this way, you have to pay, Porsche money in order to buy a BMW!!!

Sooo much more overpriced than BMW in the UK.

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Peaches Level 3

I've always said that living in Mauritius was very expensive and I don't live beyond my means. I was so surprised by the cost of electricity here, it costs the same as what I paid in England! My food bill also costs the same if not a little more than England too and that's just buying the things that I really need.

There are a few things that are cheaper like childcare it would only cost a fraction here of what I would pay back home but compared to the average salary it is still expensive.

Another thing I rely on most that is also very expensive here is the Internet. I need a really reliable and fast internet connection because I work from home and the price is just crazy.

Another thing I have had to adapt to is TV, all the channels here are useless there's nothing good to watch, I only have a few hours in the evening to wind down and there are no good movies or programs to on.

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gices Level 6

Yep internet prices are ridiculous in this country.

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nish_25 Level 1

Totally agree with peach! Mauritius is nothing but a place to rip their own people off as well as foreigners. Very disappointed with the high cost of living here, after having lived overseas for 5 years!

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leona Level 1

you think it's expensive but we don't because it's the way we have to earn money to survive because our money is not too expensive rs 50=$1

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BadFundodo Level 1

Bez sa!!

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