What's the health care in Mauritius like?

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anonymous_4 02 Jun 2011
Do you get free health care? Is it any good? Or should you not even bother and look into private clinics?


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Rajkumar_Dooboree 18 Oct 2012

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gices 07 Jun 2011
Health care is free but the service is not very good, that's why many people choose to go private. It's best to describe it with experiences I've heard from people I know:

1. Someone gets pain killers prescribed but the ones that are obtained free from the hospital itself is not efficient at all. So the person needs to go see a private doctor so that he can get better pain killers prescribed.

2. Someone goes into labour and instead of providing moral support to the woman, the staff are screaming at her telling her why she can't push and what her level of education is as she doesn't seem to understand what the staff are telling her to do.

Of course, private hospitals are expensive but free health care in Mauritius needs a lot of improvement as the current level of service is very poor.
anshka7hotmailcom 14 Jun 2011
I agree with some of the above, but as a Mauritian currently living in London, I still think the Mauritian healthcare is not too bad compared to the NHS.
yes, they can improve the service, but bearing in mind that everything is free, and that Mauritius is still a developping country, I think it is pretty amazing that anyone can be treated for simple and very complex conditions in relatively reasonable environments. I think you shouldnt go to the state health care with very high expectations. The good thing is that in Mauritius, you can see your GP or any private practitioner quickly and you don't need to go through the whole rigmarole of registering with a practice before you are even given an appointment.