Can a foreigner get a job easily in mauritius after getting married to a mauritian?

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sweet 05 Sep 2011


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yonne 06 Sep 2011
It all depends on the sectors that you are aiming at, like catering or such things you will not have any trouble at all; if you are a specialist then it gets tough; it also depends on your qualifications while in some cases you may be told that you are underqualified, in others you may be overqualified but like mentioned earlier, the best way to get a job in Mauritius is to have the right friends in the right places, sad but true.
Peaches 06 Sep 2011
Not really, but the ability to speak french may help. Being married to a Mauritian doesn't make it easier either, like the other user mentioned some sectors have more jobs available than others. There are some English speaking jobs but these are also rare.
gices 05 Sep 2011
It's difficult to tell to be honest. After getting married to a mauritian, the foreigner will get a work permit which is required before he can be allowed to work in the country. However that doesn't guarantee him any jobs. The person will have to make applications for jobs and go to interviews and be successful in landing the vacancy he/she applied for.

Now there are different jobs available but not the same number of vacancies in each sector. Some sectors like IT is booming at the moment, so there is bound to be more jobs in that field. The person needs to have the right qualifications to start off with...

This said, there are lots of corruption in the country, so if the mauritian knows people, then it will give the foreigner a better chance of getting a job.