What do you think about ION, Top TV and Top FM investigation posts being deleted?

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sarah_7 01 Nov 2019

Que pensez-vous de la suppression des publications d’enquêtes ION, Top TV et Top FM? Considérez-vous cela comme une atteinte à notre liberté individuelle et à notre démocratie?


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gices 02 Nov 2019

I don't know what has been deleted but Mauritius is not a democracy.

It is labelled as such but in reality it's not. A true democratic country needs to allow for freedom of speech, the USA is closest to democracy that I know of.

Newspapers, radio channels and the TV are all run by politicians in Mauritius. There have been many cases where news reporters were arrested because of what they said/wrote regarding the government. I remember reading something about the police going to a reporter's house before 6am to take him in, so being treated like criminals essentially.

I shouldn't need to say more.

sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

I was in a forum the other day. To them the US is too right wing and don't have liberal political parties( I need to research abit on that) and they compared the US to Mauritius. Whilst in countries like China, when people don't like something, they are encouraged to provide solutions and their government caters for their opinion. Again posts on weibo are censored but they are free to provide solutions. I bought tons of newspapers. One of then used the PM with the cardinal as propaganda. Talked bad of all partiest except one. Another article on lexpress, the 'conseil des religions' was basically advising people on how to elect their leaders. Freedom of speech is a joke in our country. We have bans on import of art that are offensive to religions. What about non religions viewpoint. Put it in a European viewpoint and all this is of a total bad taste. Like many have said. Mauritius is a society governed under the name of democracy but isn't one. ahh i'm reading too much lol

sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

by the way. since the site isn't hosted in mauritius. do you think mu authorities could attempt our freedom of speech here?