Let's discuss about Mauritius being on the top of the list of Hard Drug Dealings.

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Khush_Mendossa 28 Feb 2012
First, why Mauritius is so famous for this?


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Nikki_Runga 03 Apr 2012
is it the lack of information to locals that's why they used drugs?mauritius will never be able to get rid of the drugs and its drugs dealer due to the massive array of corruption across the island,i don't want to tharnish the image of my beautiful island but if the goverment doesn't react more then it's gonna be castatrophic!
gices 03 Apr 2012
What would the government do when they themselves are corrupted? It's a catch 22 situation!
Khush_Mendossa 01 Mar 2012
Something intrigues me though. Why Mauritians fall for these drugs? Everyone is aware it's bad!
Peaches 07 Apr 2012
Lack of education, they need to release pictures of before and after to show how you can change after a short time of drug use. This is common in the UK and US and after seeing some of the pictures myself I am very shocked. Why would you want to age your organs and you features by 20 years? There should be more posters and awareness raised.
Peaches 01 Mar 2012
Yeah I agree its an easy target, I think a lot of it comes by sea as it is easier to bribe the officials at port than the airport.

Unfortunately I do not see Mauritius becoming drug free any time soon, there needs to be a crack down otherwise too many young people will lose their life to it
Khush_Mendossa 01 Mar 2012
Makes me think about Pablo Escobar. I 'heard' pharmacists who deal internationally import some of these hard drugs.
sphinx 01 Mar 2012
Drugs have been a problem in Mauritius for a long time as far as I can remember. It probably started off with small dealers and then developed into gangs and traffickers because nothing was done before when it would have been easier to deal with.

Now it's going to take a lot of effort and dedication to eradicate this from our island.
gices 29 Feb 2012
Mauritius is famous for hard drug dealings because its geographical location in the Indian Ocean makes it an ideal spot for drug traffickers. It is strategically situated between Africa and Europe and has therefore become a drug hub.

Drug is a big problem for many countries but in Mauritius it is worse because corruption is very high. Therefore it is very unlikely that the police will be able to crack down on drugs and to discipline the country.
Khush_Mendossa 29 Feb 2012
Meaning Mauritius will always be full of drugs. But is it by air or sea that most of the drug comes?
sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

i think it's both. only 17% of goods are inspected in the port