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Do you think Mauritius will be used for arms trafficking?

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gices 25 Jul 2012

In the news, it has been reported that some foreigners are trying to use our country for arms trafficking but the Prime Minister said that they were being vigilant about the matter and will prevent all sort of exploitation of the island.

What's your opinion on the subject?


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anonymous_4 06 Jan 2013

Mauritius coastal area is very big and our resources are very limited. Our money goes in MERC and BMW instead of investing in upgradation of our security system. We need proper patrolling in sea,security in Port is very important and we must keep an eye on private jets also. A nation should not compromise the security of its people by any means. Agni

sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

I'm currently seeing security cameras everything. Of course i'm concerned with the loss of privacy but i think security should come first

anonymous_4 25 Jul 2012

Mauritius has always been happy to be the valet of those with strong arms. In the past Mauritius has been accused of violating the arms embargo against Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe] There is the case of the Somali pirates. Government want us us to think it's an honour to host the tribunal on piracy. Actually these cases will be judged here only because Mauritius is the only nearby country willing to be the lackey of those European Union countries pillaging the Somali maritime E.E.Z.

So is arms trafficking through Mauritius impossible? No, they just have to be discreet. And if accused deny everything.

Khush_Mendossa 25 Jul 2012

I think that it's already taking place. Mauritius is on the top list of drug dealers. In the news you often hear someone being arrested for illegal possession of firearms.

Surrounded by the sea, with no aerial protection from invaders, we rely on the help of the British Military. And the British have our Diego. We are helpless.

I bet in some months the news headlines will be "A youngster shoots several of his classmates and commits suicide."

gices 25 Jul 2012

Mauritius is a tiny island and therefore it is easier for the police to have more control. If things like this are allowed to happen, then the country will become a really bad place to live in. As it is, everyday, there are news of crimes everywhere and if the wrong people are able to get guns, then chaos it will be.