MCB SMS Refill does not notify your top up was successful

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gices 30 Mar 2012
A week ago, I went to the bank to link my prepaid Emtel SIM to my bank account so that I do not need to run to the nearest shop each time I run out of credit on my phone. Actually I got frustrated to have to go out of my way to buy a prepaid top up card, scratch it, enter the long digits on the card to be able to finally make calls and send text messages. It took around 2 days to MCB to alert me via SMS that I was now able to top up just by sending an SMS with the amount I wanted credited. The text message is as follows and should be sent to 8700:

Refill 50

That would credit your SIM with Rs50. When I first did that, I waited and waited for some sort of notification that my top was successful but I didn't see anything. I thought maybe I did it wrong but before I resent the text message, I decided to check my balance and to my surprise, my balance has been updated. I thought this was weird and very misleading because MCB should have alerted me that my top up was successful (or Emtel should have done it).

Anyway, I wanted to ask whether anyone had similar problems (no notification of successful top up) and I also noticed that my top up amount was not subject to VAT, is that correct? I topped up Rs50 and got credited with Rs50, is it not supposed to be something like Rs42.50? Or will MCB charged me Rs50 + VAT on my bank account?

Update : I looked at my bank statement and noticed that I was charged the top up amount + VAT.


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anonymous_4 02 Jul 2012

Screw the refill sevices! Mauritian services aint professionals at all!!

moricien 30 Mar 2012
Hey that's a real nuisance! I had many problem using this. Started using Refill since 2010, and I should say, the service is deplorable if you can say. I never get notifications of being charged for the refills. Even several times the bank charged me for refills I never get! Had to go back to the bank, fill up forms, just to get back my "lost credits"

Sometimes, even worse I have to wait for hours to get my credits! Same happened to me, I sent several refill messages, and every time same thing! I end up in finishing large amounts of money because of that thing!

And when you recharge, it should be VAT included, that is if Rs100 you should get around Rs86.96 but as for emtel i don't know.
gices 01 Apr 2012
Is the procedure for getting the lost credits complicated? Do they ask for proof of when you tried topping up and how you can prove you didn't get the credit?
moricien 01 Apr 2012
I would not say complicated, but rather annoying. I had to spend two of my half day there to complete all the formalities. Yep, they do ask proof if ever I sent a message. I had to get a receipt of all my latest transaction done, from an ATM. I can't prove whether I get my credit, then it was to them to contact orange and to do all the necessaries. Because as to what they told me, the "refill machine"(the word they used) is found at Orange.Luckily after three weeks of waiting, they authenticated that I never received some of my refills, and I was reimbursed accordingly.
gices 01 Apr 2012
Thanks for the explanation :)
sarah_7 01 Nov 2019

It's nearly 2020 and I agree with the other comments: Screw the refill sevices!

Peaches 03 Apr 2012
I'm glad I haven't opted for this, it seems to be more trouble than it's worth. I think I'll stick to the old fashioned way of topping up. Buy my card, scratch to reveal the pin and top up! Why are they trying to implement things that they just aren't ready for?
moricien 03 Apr 2012
They are just trying to keep up themselves with every latest tech! But, its really sad to know that in Mauritius we lack experts to manage these services..