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What is the top paranormal romance book you have ever read?

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RoseOfUniverse 07 Aug 2016

I am looking for amazing paranormal romance to read with hot alpha dragon/wolf/Vampire/fairy/feline and stuff. I love reading paranormal romance, the aspect of having some strange marks that show they are destined to be mated is awesome and intriguing. Oh yeah, I don't mind paranormal romance book with a dash of humour( for example hot female vampire fainting at the sight of blood :P and mother vampire kidnapping hot doctor as dessert for daughter -----> see argeneau 1( A quick bite) by linsay sand! )

This is my favorite romance series: 1) Dark hunters by sherrylin Kenyon
2) Dark by christine feehan
3) Immortal after dark by Kresley Cole
4) Drakon by shana Abe
5) guild hunter by nalini singh
6) psy-changeling by nalini singh
7) Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.r.ward
8) Elder races by Thea Harrison
9)Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost
10) Fae Chronicle by Amelia Hutchins


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Nilen12345 22 Sep 2016

Hi. Try spooks chronicles. Its more fantasy/paranormal but there's a complicated relationship between a witch and a spook.

RoseOfUniverse 22 Sep 2016

This seems interesting. What is the author name?

RoseOfUniverse 09 Aug 2016

Fans who love reading paranormal romance book, I will post my list of favorite romance books here...I invited you to post yours here also..I would love to acquaint myself with Mauritians( or even non-Mauritians) who love paranormal romance books ( I have just finished 3 books in 2 days :P )

Memory11111 16 Aug 2016

This is Memory, your old friend from Discord. I miss you, and hope our friendship has not ended. I do not know where is best to contact you, and this is the only place I could think of. I hope you see this, and hopefully reply on Discord, or eMail or something. I may come back here but I may forget the link. My email is (email address removed) my Discord is (мємøяʏ #1603). I hope to hear from you soon. ;~;

gices 17 Aug 2016

@RoseOfUniverse is that a genuine comment or spam? Need to know whether to unpublish or not?

RoseOfUniverse 17 Aug 2016

@gices I know Memory! I showed him your website in the past( he is the only one who know it) and well I didn't give him any information for him to contact me and I will leave it up to you whether or not you want to unpublish it( but informed me about your decision) @Memory I am so touched and pleased that you remember me, I stopped going to discord because of the feud between different anon groups, If I am ever going back to discord, I will come under another name. I feared to be the target of anon hackers (maybe not you..I know you are not going to hurt me.... but others). As a new member, my ultimatum was to choose either group A or group B...and I enjoyed talking with absolutely everyone... having known one of the member( who is a hacker) deeply and knowing his character( he is cool but he is hmm...a bit aggressive...and I don't know where this will lead if I am on his bad side :P )...I fear my security...I choose to stay neutral wherever possible...but then group B wanted me to get involve( I want to help but I don't want to choose a group)...which means it will become impossible for me to stay I thought it would be better if I stopped going there. And our friendship with you and some others have not ended!!!

gices 17 Aug 2016

@RoseOfUniverse The comment seemed a bit spammy, that's why I wanted to check with you first. Can you make a note of the email address provided as I will remove this to protect your friend from getting lots of junk in his inbox?

RoseOfUniverse 17 Aug 2016

@gices I understand, his email has already been noted. Thank you.