What do you think about the new MyT decoder?

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gices 08 Nov 2013

I've just received a letter from Orange asking me to come and exchange my old My.T decoder for an upgraded one.

Has anyone got the new decoder yet? Is it much better?


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Muzzammil 08 Nov 2013

I got the new one, it's not that awesome as one may think, wrote a blog post on it.

What I hate with this Set Top Box :

  1. No email function compared to the last one.
  2. Channels still lag a bit before loading.
  3. Channels which you didn’t subscribe for appears in mosaic mode(Watch all 16 channels at the same time) and when clicked asking you to call 8502 to subscribe
  4. Unwanted features on remote control
  5. Unwanted Power button which must be use with a ZTE TV ( I guess)
  6. The last one had options for news of everyday I guess
  7. the last one was an orange one

What I love about the new set top box :

  1. You can Search in the VOD thing
  2. You have an option telling you about movies scheduled
  3. You have an option saying about the movies being played, including the time at which it would be over. this works for all my-T channels, I will confirm for TNT later.
  4. 2 channels at a time ( Actually there is only a small square on which you can see on other channels, you can't hear the sound etc)
  5. You have 720 and 1080P option on your set top box.
  6. You are provided with HDMI cable for free without asking if you use VGA or HDMI
  7. There are some channels which you can rewind for some minutes which you lost, it even allows you to pause, play and forward. it will work on ARY Digital, CCTV, Deutsche Welle, Bloomberg Television, France 24 (French), Al Jazeera, LCP, NDTV Profit, NDTV 24x7, Kidsco, Clubbing TV ,Nautical channel, Vivolta, NDTV Good Times, Colors.
  8. NPVR- Save what you want to watch later This feature is available on the following channels only: Boomerang, Boing, NHK World, Fashion TV, TCM.
  9. You can create reminders if you want to watch a certain channel at a time and you forget it. At given time, a notification will appear on your screen.
gices 08 Nov 2013

Would it be possible to list the benefits/drawbacks as bullet points here so that other visitors can get an idea straight away. You can make your link to your blog post as clickable as well for people who want more information. You know how to do that with markdown syntax, right?

gices 09 Nov 2013

That's much better :) I've formatted your answer a bit though.

Does the movies' schedule work for just MyT films or TNT channels as well?