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Do you think Mauritius will ever win in the Miss World competition?

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gices 18 Aug 2012

The competition for Miss World 2012 was held today and Wen Xia Yu from China won the title. Mauritius did not come up in the top 15 so they did not make it to the semi-finals unfortunately.

Do you think a Mauritian will ever become Miss World?


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sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

They need to be more culturally open. Mauritians tend to beself centered in many ways

Khush_Mendossa 18 Aug 2012

Seriously, I really think Mauritians have the potential to attain this level (the next generation is sure to attain this as suggest my personal sociological research).

Our actual Miss Mauritius is soon going to get engaged (don't ask for my sources). The question remains will she be able to focus?

gices 20 Aug 2012

I've got a completely different opinion about this. I think the contestants for Miss Mauritius lack essential qualities. Nowadays it's not just about beauty but they also need to be competent intellectually, be good at sports and have other traits that will set them apart.

When I watched the local Miss Mauritius show, I was very surprised because many of the girls, I wouldn't really class as attractive but that's me, hey. Maybe I have higher standards than normal people, I don't know. But what got to me the most, was the inability of the contestants to answer questions they were asked. Most of them didn't even answer the question but rather said something along the lines or were completely off track.

To compete at an international level, they need to have more qualities because just posing and smiling won't get them very far.

sarah_7 08 Nov 2019

i completely agree with you on the answering part. That's why it's often considered as more of a looks contests with little brain. When i was at university, even the ladies could barely speak