What is your opinion about the Mauritius and Maldives maritime dispute?

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sarah_7 01 Nov 2019

Both countries are currently under international dispute case Note: Maldives voted no for Mauritian sovereignty of the Chagos island.....


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gices 02 Nov 2019

From what I understand, Mauritius has rights over the seas because the Chagos islands belong to us. We took in the inhabitants of that island, so it's all fair and square.

But again it's politics at its best. Britain will not give up the island. They still have not returned the kohihoor diamond (105 carat) crown jewel to India and have no intention in doing so. There's not much hope for us, right?

The British conquered India although they were not so strong through their "divide and rule" strategy. They still try to do the same thing. Brexit is coming up, they are getting weaker. So they are stirring things up between Mauritius and Maldives.

BBC - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-45300739

sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

indeed i'm definetly certain Britain won't do a thing. I wonder if the US will attempt a renegociation with Mauritius since we have soverignty.