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What are your opinions about sexting in Mauritius? Should it be allowed?

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gices 23 Aug 2014

Sending indecent photographs through your mobile phone/computer or any other gadget is referred to as sexting and this is forbidden by the Mauritian laws (Article 46(h) of the ICTA Act). This happens more with the younger generation and it's mostly girls who send comprising pictures of themselves.

So what are your views regarding this practice in terms of:

  1. Why it's more common with younger people
  2. Why girls tend to do it more than boys
  3. Why it's gaining popularity in Mauritius
  4. Whether it should be allowed or forbidden

You may agree or disagree, it's your point of view after all :)


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Mauritius2014 25 Aug 2014

i will try to answer your questions

1.younger people are more computer literate.They all have mobile phones which makes this easier..they tend to forget about the consequences

2.Girls maybe do this to get attention,they want to show what they got.They are asked to do that,and they accept because they trust the person they are sending it

3.i think they are influenced by what is on the internet,it gained popularity because the reason i mentioned above...and of course they have tablets now!

4.I dont know about that but i have my views on the youngsters of this modern world

What i found is that ,unfortunately,youngsters were taught things to help them get a job.They are not taught how to behave,how to live.this type of education is incomplete.

They must be taught to respect their bodies and to respect others.To love oneself.

Laws wont remedy the situation, we need better education imo

gices 25 Aug 2014

I think it's a dangerous issue and like you mentioned more awareness should be raised around it.

I've noticed that a lot of Mauritians accept friend requests from just anyone, even people they don't even know and that's worrying.

You don't even know who is who because there are many fake profiles around and that's where the main problem is because the teenagers could be chatting to some old perverts without them knowing and once a sort of trust is established, the danger zone is entered.

Children as young as five are using the Internet or have access to mobile phones, albeit under parent supervision but since they've started at a young age, they will get on the social networks quicker.

So just like we've been told not to speak to strangers when we were younger, I think it is important to start education about all this in primary school.

sarah_7 13 Oct 2019

My question is why is this illegal? I understand for teens but adults especially willing couples? It's their life

RoseOfUniverse 27 Jan 2016

hmmm :P
1) Access to techonology, being less experience and easily fool
2) More gullible, more emotional than guy, so some sweet words here and there et voila "tombe dan la sauce"
3) hormones is at play i almost everyone has got technology and there is less supervision of parents , so do what they want...
4) for kids, No! For adult, it depends on the person, they are both adults and should assume their responsibility ( Personally sending nude pic is a total No! for me)