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What are your honest views about allowing mauritians from abroad to vote for Mauritius' upcoming 2019 election?

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sarah_7 24 Oct 2019

"No person shall be entitled to vote at an election for any electoral area unless his name is on the register of electors in force for that electoral area." Constitution of Mauritius Article 44 (1)


  1. Voting by Proxy
  2. Postal Vote
  3. E-Voting (Internet Voting)



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gices 28 Oct 2019

It would be nice as Mauritians abroad are still citizens of the country, as long as they haven't renounced their citizenship.

However this needs to be carried out with the highest form of security. Given the government could not even afford to renew the domain and opted for a cheaper domain run on SharePoint without even redirecting the old URLs, it gives me little hope in their management of security regarding something as important as voting online.

In the UK, security measures are very high. In Mauritius, corruption is very high. This can be very bad...something similar to how Donald T used Facebook to win the US elections.

sarah_7 31 Oct 2019

you are right. but it seems like women from agalega cannot give birth there and have to come to mauritius with their husband so this makes both unable to vote. Rodrigues citizen currently in mauritius can't vote, mauritians outside the territory. it's around 300 000 peole. But preventing rodrigues and agalega from voting when they are in Mauritius is not something I accept. But you are totally right for the corruption and security aspect. As for If I'm not mistaken they refused to renew their mu domain.