What do you think about the 7000+ people who weren't able to vote for the 2019 mauritian election?

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sarah_7 10 Nov 2019

In my family 4 people couldn't vote. They didn't change their address, didn't received an sms and they previously voted


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gices 10 Nov 2019

My stance on politics has always been the same; it's ugly business.

Maybe there's a valid reason for the missing names, maybe it's all a ploy for one particular political party to win the elections. Who knows?

From the results, it shows the citizens of Mauritius have made their choice loud and clear. L'Alliance Morisien won by large, if it was a borderline victory then maybe those 7000 could have made a difference but from the stats, there's no coming back for any other party.

However, there could have been other tricks involved. I'm not going to speculate but there's lots of money at stake, so all dirty tactics could have been employed. On a side note, while I was reviewing ads shown on Clever Dodo recently, I spotted Adsense ads for both MSM and Ptr.

My honest opinion is to accept what is and move on. Let's hope the government look after the citizens and country properly because at the end of the day, that's the most important thing irrespective of who won.

sarah_7 13 Nov 2019

Hi Gices so i saw a petition where people were demanding the un to assit the electoral comission to make another election. yup political ads were everywhere.

sarah_7 13 Nov 2019

I actually saw a petition with 50 k signatures that was asking for another election under the supervision of the un. political ads were everywhere actually. Like a previous discussion. Hoping that the government look after the citizens and country properly comes under one condition. They will definetly favour places who voted for them. it makes me think of venezuela where people voted for the president to get medecines. Haha i have been researching about everything i could for the past weeks.

gices 13 Nov 2019

I was gonna say, what sort of newspaper are you reading to come up with those statements like venezuela...

How many signatures have they received so far?

sarah_7 13 Nov 2019

in mauritius people voted a party for higher pension. IN venezuela they voted for medecines. Source for venezuela ( https://www.pulzo.com/mundo/maduro-uso-medicos-cubanos-servicios-salud-para-presionar-votantes-PP662377). the petition has 57,729 signatures at the time of writing