Problems with TNT channels?

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Peaches 21 May 2012
The other day I was watching a programme when all of a sudden it switched from MBC 4 to MBC 1, now all my channels are mixed up and all over the place. I also lost around 10 or so channels, my aerial hasn't moved at all, I even tried re-tuning but still the channels are not in order and the lost ones have not come back. Is there anything I can do or is anyone else experiencing the same?


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Khush_Mendossa 21 May 2012
This is awkward! Try doing a complete re-tuning. It depends on the TNT you're using. Be sure to select the option 'look and adjust channels automatically'.

Else it can be that your TNT is not at fault as MCML was recently down. This perhaps messed up your TNT.

Last problem I see: your antenna has been flooded with water by the recent heavy rainfalls, and part of your antenna has been damaged even if it has not moved at all!
Peaches 21 May 2012
Thanks Khush, I re-tuned for like the third time and miraculously it worked! TNT is built into my TV by the way btw, :)
Khush_Mendossa 21 May 2012
Hehe that's great now you can watch soap serials on digi 4 again xD
Peaches 22 May 2012
If only there was anything to watch, then yeah sure I would, I don't watch French programmes, only English lol

Plus I want to learn Hindi so I can watch films without subtitles :0 Also my daughter only watches Hindi programmes and songs she thinks its hilarious :?
williamcwy 23 Oct 2015

What if I deleted a channel?
I accidentally deleted my channel. Is there any option to restore it?