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Lost Mauritian passport but living in uk,how do I get a replacement quick ?

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yasmin25 26 Mar 2014

I am a Mauritian citizen and have recently lost my passport. I want to replace it , but I need to know how to do that and what is the quickest way?
And is it possible to do it in uk in the Mauritian embassy, so I don't have to send it back home to Mauritius.
Thanks in advance for the advice.

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gices 26 Mar 2014

You can make an application at the Mauritian Embassy in the UK but they will forward it to the Passport Office in Mauritius. I know someone who tried to renew their passport this way and 3 months later, they still didn't get any reply back.

So quickest way would be to get a statement from the police station in the UK, fill out the passport application form mentioning you've lost yours, post it to your relative in Mauritius along with a covering letter stating you're allowing that person to represent you and collect your passport and ask that relative to post it back to you.