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How do you overcome loneliness?

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RoseOfUniverse 13 Nov 2016


akashakash 18 Nov 2016

Lol Rose is a girl, I thought that was obvious.

For me, i like solitude (staying alone), its not loneliness. I choose to stay alone. Why? Because i like it. 2nd reason is I work more efficiently alone. But in reality how can we ever be alone when God is always with us?

But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy with people. I love to hang out with friends - joking, laughing, enjoying their company. But I also need to be alone with myself :p

I need both.

So loneliness can be overcomed in 2 ways:
1) hang out with people
2) perform activities that require only 1 person (you) for e.g any self improvement activity.

Now where to find people?
Join a club to do something you love or want to learn.
Or Join a club whose aim is to help people.
Social networking is shit - actually anything virtual is not good.
Always meet people in real life.
Now i'm not saying not to communicate on social network, just don't limit that new relationship to just something virtual - make it real by meeting them in real life ( Always take precautions though - you never know what kind person they really are!!)

RoseOfUniverse 18 Nov 2016

Amazing reply, Akash!^_^ I really love it.

gices 15 Nov 2016

You do not overcome loneliness, you embrace it.

To overcome it would mean to find something to replace it with. You could do that by finding someone else to hang out with, starting a new hobby, buying things to fill in the void.

However those don't address the root of the problem. It's all in the mind. You have to find comfort in your own company, to stop thinking external factors are what make you happy.

Meditation is a sure way to achieve this.

RoseOfUniverse 15 Nov 2016

Interesting. How do you become happy in your own company? Have you been able to do/feel it? Can you laugh out loud by yourself when you are alone? Can you feel the joy of trusting or the feeling of support from someone? Can you feel the happiness of sharing in your own company?

gices 18 Nov 2016

There was a great video on Youtube of Osho on "From loneliness to aloneness". I think they've taken it down for copyright reasons.

Anyway, in aloneness you are happy with yourself AS IS, all you need is within you - the peace, the laughter, the aspiration.

In loneliness, you are deprived of the outside factors which have a direct influence on you.

ashpreneur 15 Nov 2016

Ask someone out! I know it seems hard, but hey, what's the worst thing that could happen? Her saying no? Move on to the next one. Most females are just waiting on you to ask and be persistent

RoseOfUniverse 15 Nov 2016

Interesting concept. The next time I find myself attract to a woman( Probably not in this birth :P ) I will ask her out.if she rejects, I will be persistent, if it does not work, I will make sure to move on to the next one. :P :P :P