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What would you do to change the system in Mauritius?

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Khush_Mendossa 25 Aug 2012

You (the public) constantly cries out loud that this is not good, that is not good. Corruption, violence, nonreligious acts everywhere. So many of you on radio every sunday on Kozer Do Mopep and other shows. All the time the government is blamed.

What's YOUR solution?



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gices 25 Aug 2012

From my perspective, if we eradicate corruption, we're going to end up with a better system. Then we would need to get rid of all those lazy people who work in the government, you know those guys who've been in the job for a long time and are now used to do the very least. We need people who are actually capable of fulfilling their responsibilities. We need people who understand their job description - for example the security man in a bank should not be allowed to advise on what documents you need to bring to open a bank account, for goodness sake, he's not qualified to do that no matter how long he's been working in the bank for.

There are lots of rules, regulations, policies and laws in place in Mauritius but they are not being implemented. Before you're given your driving licence, you learn that you're not allowed to overtake on solid white lines as it's against the law, so why are the police officers turning a blind eye on those kind of offences?

It doesn't seem right to queue on the stairs when going to get your ID card, it's a health hazard. And moving from one chair to another until it's your turn is ridiculous as well. Yes, we have numbering systems which they use at the passport office, but they still think that you need to play musical chairs too.

Everywhere you go, they all seem to be using books to record things. The police use them, other government services do too. Is it not time for a computerised system yet? No, actually, they have a computerised system, referred to as eServices nowadays. You get an online application for say a learner's permit and you need to hand it over in person at the police station. How stupid is that?

There are too many problems but people here have got accustomed to them, that's why it's never going to change...

anonymous_4 13 Sep 2012

you are right buddy cannot expect the government to do everything for us.
but those who are capable to change things never get support it cannot be a 1 man show. today itself got mess with a Police officer whilst dropping my nieces to school as per him i commit an offences. but i explain to him as you want that public respect the law & order you should first look at the insfractructure then you see if its comply to law.unfortunaely seems like he didn't like it and fine me

ziya 25 Aug 2012

We should not always expect the government to do everything for us.Everyone should try to change something which is wrong or inappropriate so that it would benefit them and everyone.Everyone do have the potential and capacity to do so its only that if we wish change and we work towards it then there would be change.