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Sugarcane, how do you like it?

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gices 12 Jun 2011
No matter where you go in Mauritius, you're bound to see sugarcane fields. Has anyone ever been cheeky and got out of their car to get some fresh sugarcane?

How do you like to eat it? I like to strip down the skin, cut it it smaller pieces and enjoy it. Some people say it's good to eat it this way, it cleans your teeth as well.


Pinky_Rao 03 Apr 2012
i did once... but i did with my bare hand and they were all full of small thrones. here we get at 100 MAURITIAN RUPEES per glass (though we have so many sugarcane fields all over) in India you get at very corner this and rate is hardly 7 to 10 rs per glass....
Baboo 16 Jun 2011
i strip down the skin, but i can't bother to cut it into small pieces :P
sphinx 14 Jun 2011
Sugarcane fields are being wiped down and buildings are taking their place. Shopping malls, hotels, bungalows are popping everything nowadays. Soon you will have to travel to faraway places to see sugarcane plantation.

Oh, I enjoy sugarcane juice best :)