What would you do if you went to a restaurant and found a hair in the meal you ordered?

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gices 19 May 2012
Some restaurants do not take hygiene very seriously and even posh ones sometimes fail at basic things like this. So if you ordered something and when your food came, you saw a hair or some other nasty thing in it, what would you do? Would you take the hair out and eat everything, eat around it, not eat at all or ask for a replacement? Or kick up a fuss?


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sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

I'll inform the waiter discreetly or require to speak with the manager. I'm going to return the meal and ask to get my money back. Then I'll go elsewhere. I always buy at selective places to avoid this issue. I won't buy there again

Minashou 18 Jun 2012

I would call the waiter and show them the hair or whatever strange stuff and never come back again. But for sure I won't ask for a replacement. Will never be able to eat there again... If I have to pay, will pay but that would be the last of me there...

Madeleine_Stella 26 May 2012
I would leave the restaurant and refuse to pay! If they force me to pay, I'll get the Ministry of Health involved so that they check the hygiene of the place and they'd make an even bigger loss then.
moricien 23 May 2012
First of all, I'd take a photo of the food they gave me!! Go to the press, make them write a good article on the restaurant I've visited! xD
Peaches 21 May 2012
I would ask for my money back, I mean come one would you really trust the next meal to be clean? Also how do you know they won't spit in it?
Khush_Mendossa 21 May 2012
Lol. Looks like you've been in this situation often!
Peaches 21 May 2012
lol no I haven't actually
Khush_Mendossa 20 May 2012
I'll do what Iron_Man said. Because I recently discovered that some problems can be solved without violence ;)
Iron_Man 20 May 2012
recently?? so before that you were resolving your problems with violence? :p
gices 20 May 2012
And he said "big problems". Without getting violent, how would you tackle the situation?
Khush_Mendossa 20 May 2012
Yeah before recently, my fists were my means of problem solving :p

@Gices: Like you know what field of study I am currently in, I would use the law to solve it now. Hehe...
Iron_Man 19 May 2012
first i'll call the waiter as discretely as possible and ask for a replacement... but if they refuse: big problem!! ;)
gices 20 May 2012
And by big problem, what do you mean? What will you do?
Iron_Man 20 May 2012
i'll make some sort a scandal...by making a bad publicity for the said restaurant....i'll immediately take a picture and upload it on facebook through my mobile phone...its a powerful weapon if you know how to use it correctly.. ;)