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Do you need external tuition if you go to private schools in Mauritius?

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Peaches 28 Mar 2012
If you go to a private paying school rather than the free government schools do you still have to pay for tuition outside of school? The government schools do not teach you enough to pass exams so that's why you need to take tuition outside of school but does the same apply to private paid schools?


gices 30 Mar 2012
People who work for the government are renowned for being lazy (although there are expectations) and it has a lot to do with the fact that they are not well paid and they do not have strict policies in place to make them work more efficiently, thus they just don't care. That's why many pupils have to resort to getting outside school tuition to prepare them better for the exams.

Private schools on the hand are more regulated. The teachers are paid a generous salary and need to confine to very strict policies and curriculum. If a teacher is found to be under achieving, complaints can be made to the director of the school because you're paying for a service (as opposed to government schools which are free) and you expect them to deliver. Hence, private tuition is not necessary.
Khush_Mendossa 29 Mar 2012
If you find that the teacher is not up to your expectations then you need to pay for other tuition, or find another private paying school.

And as you know, some govt. school teachers do not work in class but only in their private tuition.
Khush_Mendossa 03 Apr 2012
I'm not saying you should pay more. Just saying you should put your money where it will be cost-effective.

Segregated is not everywhere. And I know some children who have bright results who don't take tuition after school hours.

I think it is a question of 'what they learn' instead of 'how much they learn'.
Peaches 03 Apr 2012
Oh dear, the education system in Mauritius is worse than I thought then! I saw a secondary school charging Rs 22,000 a month and you're telling me that if the standard of teaching is low I have to pay even more money to make sure my child is learning enough to pass?

It saddens me to see young children with huge backpacks filled with books they can hardly carry spending hours outside school attending private tuition. Children in Mauritius have no life, their childhood is spent on learning and even that is not enough. Children should have after school activities, play and socialise with other children, both boys and girls. I find that it is too segregated here, why are there no mixed sex schools?