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How much do you know Mauritius? Play this game to find out!

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In this game, you will see pictures of places and you will have to guess where they were taken. Hit the play button if you're ready! Good luck!


Many thanks to khush for creating this fun game for us.

PS : Don't forget to tell us how many attempts it took you to finish the game by posting in the comments below.

gices Published 04 Aug 2012


Akshay_Boodhun 16 Sep 2012

I'm 100% Mauritian, sa ki li (Y)

Peaches 16 Sep 2012

As if!

gices 04 Aug 2012

The number of attempts was not present when I tested the game but I remember doing it a lot of times too. Some of the places I haven't been, so I couldn't recognise the pictures.

I've noticed that the game does not work in Internet Explorer. So please use Firefox/Chrome instead.

Khush_Mendossa 04 Aug 2012

Internet Explorer? What's this? xD

georgesiniska 31 Jan 2016

1oo% first go

Shafeeq12 14 Mar 2015

Hello am Nigerian but after playing the game i discovered i was 100% Mauritian and i was surprised. Thnks

Jaahzz 01 Jan 2015

11 attempts- Mauritius hides too many marvels that still need to be discovered

gices 01 Jan 2015

Hope you enjoyed the game :)

Nerdy_Shika 18 Mar 2013

19 attempts! :O

Seewanan_Jhurry 20 Jan 2013

100% morisien!

Sofiah 08 Oct 2012

15 attempts!!!!!!!! I am from Port Louis n been to the museum million times but was stuck on the Port Louis museum pic until the 4th try, cant remember seeing that shot at all!!!!

Khush_Mendossa 08 Oct 2012

Hahaha! The Baobab tree has fallen!!

Hatake_Kakashi 21 Sep 2012

100% Mauritian. Sa ki li! :)

Suneina_Sn 16 Aug 2012

2 attempts

gices 16 Aug 2012


Chelmiah_Tracey 14 Sep 2012

ha ha no one can do it in 2 attemps this is silly i done it in 27 attemps

gices 14 Sep 2012

@Chelmiah_Tracey : That's what I thought - 2 attempts exaggerating. Anyway, at least you completed it! There are some more little games here.

Suneina_Sn 26 Sep 2012

so mean!!!!! i know my country, ive been to all these places. What a mentality??????????Thats call mauritian mentality. Disgusting!!!!!!!
tres decue par vos commentaires.

gices 26 Sep 2012

@Suneina_Sn : Before jumping to conclusions and blaming the mauritian mentality, maybe you should try to understand the context in which the comments were made. Me and other people who've tried the game found it rather hard and it took us a number of attempts to finish it and that's why we were shocked to find someone claiming to finish it in 2 attempts.

All you had to say was that you truly finished the game in 2 tries, that's all, and we'd believe you. There's no need for getting angry...

Khush_Mendossa 08 Oct 2012

I think I'm gonna make a harder one ^_^

Peaches 04 Aug 2012

Oops 19 attempts for me :(