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What device should I buy to detect speed traps in Mauritius?

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kevineha 22 Sep 2014


What type of radar detector should I buy to detect cameras in Mauritius?

Also I wanted to know the price for a personalised car number plate?

Every single information will be useful.

Many Thanks.

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gices 24 Sep 2014

There are 3 things you need to be aware of:

  1. Fixed speed cameras - see locations
  2. Mobile speed cameras (policemen setting these up at different places)
  3. Laser guns used by police officers

These are divided into radar and laser speed detection technologies. Speed cameras use radar and laser guns the obvious.

The Cobra brand is quite popular and reliable. A lot of people use this in Mauritius. You can get one for around Rs2,000 (eg Cobra XRS 9880).

More information on this subject can be found on this blog.

For your question regarding personalised number place, we've already covered this here.

Any particular reason why you're looking for a speed detector? Do you often drive over the limit?