Sweating issues, any suggestions how to control it?

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sweta878 17 Jul 2014

Does anyone else here face the issue of having sweat stains even in winter? It's irrespective of the weather or temperature. It's annoying to be drenched already before reaching work. It appears to be for no reason. I have no medical issues. If anyone faces the same problem. ki antiperspirant ou produit pharmacie zot servi??? Tried Home remedies, no effect. Kindly help please.


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gices 20 Jul 2014

You could switch to a stronger antiperspirant from brands like Dove. Maybe wear more breathable clothes?

You may have Hyperhidrosis which is a condition where you have excessive sweating, so check with a doctor, hopefully it's not the case.

What home remedies have you tried?

King 19 Jul 2014

Mix "besan" with some water and make a paste. Apply it under your arms, it will reduce the sweat.