Are there any jelly fish in Mauritius?

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anonymous_4 03 Jan 2011
I'm worried that I'll get stung by a jelly fish whilst swimming, so does anyone know if there are any jelly fish in Mauritius and which beaches I should avoid?


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sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

We are usually warned when there are Jelly Fish at Mont Choisy

meyster 07 Oct 2012

My brother got stung once at le Morne sea. But they are not so common

gices 07 Oct 2012

Did he have to go to the hospital?

meyster 08 Oct 2012

yes and my bad it was not le morne but choisy. His just next to me and saying that a stung is extremely painful and an antidote from an injection has to be administered. He was taken to hospital by an ers van in emergency.

gices 08 Oct 2012

Sorry to hear about the misadventure. Hope this has not put him off swimming though. How long did the pain last for?

meyster 11 Oct 2012

about 1 to 2 days . After the injection the swelling subsided. It's a totally different type of injection administered directly to the vein.

gices 11 Oct 2012

I see. Thanks for the information :)

gices 17 Apr 2011
Don't let your fear of being stung by jelly fish prevent you from swimming. Most of the beaches in Mauritius are clean and very rarely do the jelly fish come in the lagoon. When that does happen though, the coast guards will tell you to be careful and there will be signs to raise awareness of the jelly fish.

So rest assured and enjoy yourself!