Would men embrace the idea of the male contraceptive pill as a method of birth control?

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Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

So far, in the majority of cases, it's the woman who does the family planning through the different methods of contraception especially the pill as it's easy and reliable.

However, in the next few years, a birth control pill for men could become available and that means men could share that responsibility as well. With the pill, you need to remember taking it everyday for it to work. Now would a man carry that burden? And would a woman trust the man because if he hasn't taken the pill, it's the woman who would fall pregnant and bear most of the consequences?

You can read about it here


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gices 15 Jun 2012

In a trusted relationship, I suppose the woman would be confident that his partner is already on the pill but in other cases, both the woman and the man could be taking it instead of relying on the other. This way both could have peace of mind.

Now regarding whether men would like the idea of the pill is difficult to tell. Nothing has been finalised yet but if research later on shows that there are no side effects with the pill, then that's going to be more encouraging for the male population. If there's a form of contraception which is better, then people are obviously going to go for it.

Madeleine_Stella 18 Jun 2012

I suppose it's going to take a long time for this pill to be well adopted amongst men.

moricien 24 Jun 2012

Personally I'd never opt for this. Taking pills can bring long-term side effects..

BadFundodo 30 Jan 2016

"With the pill, you need to remember taking it everyday for it to work. Now would a man carry that burden?"

What a load of BS!! Men do NOT become pregnant, women do!! They don't need to intake any pill to avoid pregnancy.

A condom would be convenient.