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Is there any organisation for the protection of homosexuals in Mauritius?

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zia 29 Jun 2012

I just want to know if anyone know if there exist any organization for homosexuals in Mauritius today.If yes then give me the name and where it is found?


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gices 29 Jun 2012

There's a group called Collectif Arc en Ciel which is fighting for homosexuals since 2005. It's a non-government organisation though.

Please note that while the law in Mauritius does not criminalise homosexuality in itself, the subject remains a taboo here.

zia 30 Jun 2012

Yes I know that the subject is taboo.Do you know how this group can be contacted?Is it having any office?

gices 01 Jul 2012

I couldn't find a contact number for them. However you can get in touch with them through facebook as they've got a fan page. I've edited my answer above with the link to their facebook page.

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019
sphinx 03 Jul 2012

There's no government approved organisation because there's no law for or against them.

zia 04 Jul 2012

ok so there is only 1 private organization: the arc en Ciel?