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Are there any places to play bowling in Mauritius?

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gices 16 Feb 2013

I remember Spar in Rose Hill had a bowling area but I've been told it's now closed because not many people are interested in that game. Do you know any other places?


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legend 22 Feb 2013

There's one at Manhattan in Curepipe called G Star Lanes Bowling. Re-opened recently, and is attracting quite a lot of people nowadays.

You also have one in Super-U at Grand Bay called Le Lucky Stike.

gices 23 Feb 2013

Interesting. Would you happen to know how much it costs for a game and the opening times?

Namrata_Ramdewon 02 Apr 2013

the cost?

Namrata_Ramdewon 06 Apr 2013

The cost per hour please ? If anyone could just reply this please !

legend 13 Apr 2013

I do not remember exactly, but I think it's Rs250 per round. And I'm also not sure about the opening hours, but last time I was there from 18hr till 21hr.

Namrata_Ramdewon 26 Apr 2013

Ok thank you :)

Hirtik_Goojrah 08 Oct 2013

ok thanks for the information

gices 08 Oct 2013

@legend : I've included the bowling at Grand Baie Super-U in your answer, hope you don't mind :)

@Hirtik : Are you considering going there anytime soon?

legend 10 Oct 2013

I don't mind it at all. Been at the grand baie one ("Le Lucky Stike") once with some friends, and I liked the atmosphere there. Will be going there again.

gices 10 Oct 2013

@legend : Would be nice if you could update your answer at the top with prices info :)

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

Bagatelle it's at RS 200