Any chance of Circus in Mauritius?

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gices 14 Jun 2012

It would be fun to go to a circus and watch acrobats doing live performances, animals doing their shows (lions jumping through circle of fires, elephants walking on 2 feet, horses jumping and doing tricks) and be entertained by clowns. Long time ago, about 40 years back, circus people used to come to Mauritius and the kids as well as adults used to love it (grandmother told me), so what's happened now? Why have they stopped coming here?


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Kelly_Lenoir 29 Mar 2013

Circuses with animals are just WRONG!!!!! Do u really think the animals want to perform for u??????? Lions in the wild do not jump through fire.... Elephants do not walk on 2 feet and horses do not do tricks naturally. No circus with animals should come to Mauritius and I hope they never do!

gices 29 Mar 2013

I'm sure animals do not want to perform for anyone but neither would humans if given the choice. Do you think anyone in their right mind would want to go beyond their physical limitations so that they are able to bend their bodies for acrobat purposes? People do not naturally walk on ropes nor do they have the ability to swing through the air; they are trained to do that to earn a living.

Elephants in the wild are poached for their husks, tigers for their skin and horses are killed for their meat when they can no longer race. At least in a circus they are more protected. It's not an ideal life per se, but aren't we all compromising in our daily life?

Iron_Man 15 Jun 2012

there was 2 circus which came to Mauritius... Cirque Roger Lanzac & Circus Brazil....anyone remember them??

@gices: here is a french article where it's saying why circus are rare in Mauritius... ;)

Khush_Mendossa 15 Jun 2012

I think I remember the brazil one. Was it near Medpoint?

Iron_Man 16 Jun 2012

i forgot...sorry

gices 16 Jun 2012

How long ago was that?

Iron_Man 16 Jun 2012

Roger Lanzac was in 2004... Circus Brazil was in 2005/2006(not sure)

gices 16 Jun 2012

Great link!

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

We had circus at Bagatelle a few years ago

Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

Don't think it's worth for the Circus people to come here as it would cost them more money than what they would make with the shows. We probably need to have our own local Circus!

Khush_Mendossa 14 Jun 2012

Some years back Cirque du Soleil came at Trianon which I attended. It was great.

I haven't found any info about future events of Circus in Mauritius. So, I guess we have to wait till end of November to know.
Perhaps, circuses have found that Mauritian politicians are better artists than the clowns :p

gices 14 Jun 2012

lol, politicians are very entertaining indeed :)

How much was the entrance fee for Cirque du Soleil and what shows did they have?