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Mauritius Telecom / Orange slow internet connection issues

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On Sunday evening, I noticed my internet connection was so slow that it took like forever to open a webpage. The problem seemed more apparent on Google and I wasn’t able to do any searches. At first I thought my computer was infected but that was not the case. Since it was late at night, I decided to check in the morning and was hopeful the hiccup would be gone.

However the problem persisted the following day and some friends on Facebook were complaining they could not access Google and YouTube. I went onto the OrangeMauritius fan page and saw the following notice:

orange mauritius facebook screengrab

Some people who’ve contacted Orange have been told there are DDOS attacks on Google; this is where several computers (hundred of thousands) send loads of requests to a server in an attempt to bring it down, hence the response would be slow. When I called them, they said they were aware of the problem and their technicians/engineers were working on a solution but they could not tell when it would be fixed. That was in the morning yesterday and things did not improve in the evening.

I tried to check whether there was really a problem with Google but I could not find any story relating to this. I checked Twitter for real time updates but there was no mention of this problem either. So I think it was just an excuse which Orange used so they don’t lose credibility towards their customers. It’s immoral, unfair and shows how monopoly is a really bad thing.

From the comments on the status updated on Orange fan page, someone suggested to change DNS used by the internet to OpenDNS and that instantly. I was surprised that it was such an easy fix and it baffles me to acknowledge how incompetent the people working for Orange are; maybe they just employ school leavers with no experience or they don’t invest much in their hardware but the bottom line is the service they provide is appalling.

PS: Despite the really bad service, I’m surprised to see that more than 395 people liked their post. It goes to show you that many Mauritians don’t really know what a “like” really is…

gices Published 19 Feb 2013


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anonymous_4 08 Apr 2016

The service of my.t in mauritius is just too bad,no single improvement althought several complaints.I have complaints to them atleast 4-5 times this week but no improvement.The service they provide is too 'amateur',they take consumers for granted,i think we should move on to subsitutes now,that
's the only solution i see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous_4 03 Jun 2014

Guys, I have given up on MT long time, go for either DCL (Alice ) or Bharat, when MT will start losing their customers they will then realise.
The service with ALICE DCL is quite stable now, though some hick ups from time to time, but generally it is much better than MT. Recently somebody I know just connected to ALICE in MOKA as there is no MT and ADSL is only 512k.

I heard a lot of good feedback on Bharat, as they are connected with Fibre now to SAFE and LION.

How can Madagascar have faster internet than Mauritius which is supposed to be a cyber island. In Madagascar on WIFI you could get a speed of around 50mbps easily and upload around 10MBPS.

This is all thanks to the OLD politicians in the government who do not want to leave, without any vision whatsoever for this island, where it has to go and how to drive economic growth. Bharat can easily offer around 100mbps but I understand this is all controlled by the government pricing etc. Good luck to us all who has to put up with all this crap.

Yashvin 03 Jun 2014

Thanks for the much appreciated feedback :)

Yashvin 19 Feb 2013

When you read the comments, it is not really a "fan" page when we talk about the Orange Mauritius space on Facebook :P

I use Google DNS. Nothing simpler.

gices 19 Feb 2013

It's true a lot of the comments are posted out of frustration but that doesn't seem to bother Orange. I haven't seen any improvement in their service and I doubt they'll do anything about it as long as the ball is in their hands. So much for a cyber island.

Have you been using the Google DNS for a long time? I've never had the need to change mine until yesterday.

Yashvin 19 Feb 2013

Some time back, I changed mine too but reverted back to the MT ones once the problem was solved. But yesterday, I think that I have switched to Google DNS for ever and ever :P