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Where can i get a good voice recorder to use in college classes?

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Peaches gices
LegoGirl 03 Mar 2013
A small portable one. And how much?


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thehelper 05 Mar 2013

Mediaspace, Rose Hill.

cleverdude 05 Mar 2013

Try to look @ Columbia at La Louise, Quatres Bornes

Peaches 04 Mar 2013

Like Gices has said your phone may have an app that lets you do that otherwise most stores should sell one.

gices 03 Mar 2013

I was with a friend when he bought one for his mum in a shop on Chaussée St in Port Louis. It was an oldish shop with Chinese owners and I don't think it had a name as such. It's on the side opposite Cash & Carry but further up as if going towards Casernes.

Anyway he bought an old tape recorder (cassette) and he paid around Rs1,000 for it. They had the ones which records on memory cards as well and if memory serves me right, they were around Rs1,500.

On a side note, I know a lot of mobile phones have voice memos and almost all smartphones have an app for this. It might be worth checking some mobiles because in that price range, you could get a phone which does the recording for you.

LegoGirl 03 Mar 2013

Thank You :)