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Where can I learn how to swim?

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LegoGirl 15 Apr 2013

I'm not young as in 13 below but i'm still below 20 of age. Where can I get some good lessons recommended? ASAP


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gices 16 Apr 2013

As a beginner, I would advise you to practice in a swimming pool rather than the sea itself because the latter you scare you more as it looks big and the water depth may be inconsistent. You can get a relative or friend to teach you how to swim at any of the places below:

  • Serge Alfred Swimming Pool, Beau Bassin
  • Pavillon Swimming Pool, Quatre Bornes
  • Rivière du Rempart Swimming Pool
  • Souvenir Swimming Pool, Calebasses
  • Mare D'Albert Swimming Pool

Source : Mauritius Sports Council

Some of the places mentioned above may have instructor led classes. Otherwise many of the sea activities and tours provider in the north (Grand Baie) have experienced divers and swimmers who also give swimming lessons.

PS : What's the secret with your age? lol

LegoGirl 18 Apr 2013

Thank you.
and lol no secret.

Nerdy_Shika 15 Apr 2013

You can learn swimming at the Riviere du Rempart Youth Centre. You may call on 4124546 for more info! ;)