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If I study medicine at SSR Medical College, apart from Mauritius, in which country shall I be able to work?

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Nerdy_Shika 09 Jan 2013


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anonymous_4 21 Apr 2013

I've seen the college it is absolutely filthy the cadavers are ancient most of the place is falling apart mold etc you can't understand the lecturers and they are rude!!!

Peaches 11 Jan 2013

Please don't work in Mauritius, I had to take my nan and I was so sad to see how indifferent the doctors and nurses are. If you work abroad you will be more compassionate and see what its really like to make a difference.

Khush_Mendossa 10 Jan 2013

If you go by the words of their website then you ca work in the U.S.A, India, Canada.

But as I am in contact with doctors, I can tell you that the education you have here is not at its best.

Best solution: go to the Medical Council at Floreal.

gices 10 Jan 2013

I did not find any information to suggest whether their course is internationally recognised so I doubt it very much. However on their website it mentions 2 persons who are currently working at Mt. Sinai Hospital, U.S.A and King’s mill Hospital, UK, so you could potentially get a job in other countries but you might have to take some other exam to comply with international standards.

On a side note, because of their close relationship with India, it might be easier to find work there.

I suggest you pick a country where you'd like to work and check whether the University which accredits their course is accepted; it will be easier this way.